Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I hop into JVC Electronics today and met 2 Japanese, Mr. Murata & Ms. Rika. They are like 2 of the nicest people I've met ever since I stepped into the marketing world. Very, very nice and humble people. Murata is the Director for Administration of JVC and Rika is the Snr Officer Accounts.

I had a discussion that lasted for about an hour and we came to a decision that they will be sending an amount of about 20++ pax. Rough estimation of 23 examinees, my commission will be RM12 x 23 = RM276 , fucking little but better than nothing.

RM 12 per examinee? WTF? Live with it, moron! You asked for it, who the heck
asked you to join this company?
That's what I tell myself. To appear more humble, I WAS MISINFORMED during interview, which explains why I took the job that pays RM12 per sign-up while leaving behind a job that pays RM350 per sign-up. Oh, how dumb can I be? Very, I guess.

Well, at least I had achievement in TOEIC as compared to the m-a-n-a-g-e-r. Is that how you spell manager? lol. Such a proud thing to make a remark on, a m-a-n-a-g-e-r that doesnt even know his/her own product and who becomes so 'chuak' when there's no one else to handle but herself. Why 'chuak'? Obviously, it's bcause he/she knows nothing bout it! As simple as A B C. A m-a-n-a-g-e-r who gotta turn to his/her employee on the early bird pricing of her/his OWN product when questioned by clients over the telephone. How respectful.

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