Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Wednesday! , finally.

The topic says it all! How difficult for me to touch a Wednesday. Imagine 3 torturing days in the office are like 3 hell-burning-days. Well, AY is the devil. Imagine with 2 horns n 1 big sharp trident. I guess the devil lives in her. gosh. Satan-worshipper. I'll try to get her fugly pix n put it up here in order for everyone to know who's the annoying bitch is.

Tmr's another day to go tru. Guess it'll be easier as I'll b spending time in KMDC instead of freaking-dead-PCB office. I have 2 major task to perform before I end this week, 1st, Thursday-killing job, and 2nd, Friday-killing job. And, I'm done for the week. and here comes the weekenddddddd!! uh yeh! man, i'm loving it! Danny's going back homie this weekend.. guess kurang 1 footie kaki. I turned into some kinda footie World Cup Freak suddenly. Imagine it's the girls who asked the boys to come out for a drink to watch footie. Eik! the world is changing, ain't it? lol. Will try to catch Fast & Furious - Tokyo Drift end of this week. Hopefully. lol. it happens ya know when u make plans. Best plans are carried out un-planned!

I would need to crawl to my bed, to be exact, a blardi thin mattress which i can feel the floor at my back, in a moment. Not my fault, it's screaming at me asking me to go to bed. Alright, that's all folks!

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