Thursday, April 10, 2008

Appreciate Life

I was on facebook yesterday and noticed a new group being formed on my homepage. A general update on "Malaysia" network on facebook. It says, " In loving memory of a true friend, brother and son. You will be missed". Out of curiousity, I landed a click on the link. And.. i ended a search on the guy who was called to be with Him. I dont know him, but I felt so sad. I felt like there was so much in him that it was too early for him to go. He was only 20. He had an accident while working out, falling and knocking his head and fell into a coma. I was like...????

I read alot about him yesterday night and today morning. It seems like he's a kinda person who lives life to its fullest, appreciating every single moment of his life. But, he was just taken too early to be in a better place. He's only 20..... have not even managed to go through half of the life.

Now that he's in a better place, may he rest in peace.

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