Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for Bali

Surf shops everywhereeee

mat salleh buyin surf board

more surfboardddd

streets of Kuta - poppies lane 2

cik tourist walking around with camera while kena con.

after effect of fucking con manicure

stupid CONLADY!

our first night dinner :D

the blast memorial

me! - Choco banana gelato

camwhore outside of room 429

from esc

Bali... here i come.. finally!

i got no idea why this pic is damn fucking small

our 1 million Rp dinner in Jimbaran. beautiful scenery


our first day.. all cramped in 1 mini mpv. pengsan

our favourite lunch spot. AMerican lunch in bali :| well, except babi kechap.

they even provide the "needed" things in the hotel.

Our daily beverage :)

yet, another.

our disappointing snorkeling spot

Beli la banana boat SPF 30!

preparing to get "burnt"

3 lil' boys - daryl, ashwin and allen

aud, andy and thomas learning surfing

a common sight in bali

glenn tak tahan after this.


api kechak dance



tanah lot


tanah lot

kintamani with the gang. :) all of us.


daryl's laundryyyy

me washign my bajyu in the bath tub :|

our beloved hotel - barong Kuta Hotel

I'm gonna update on Clubbing in Bali in the next post.

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