Monday, October 13, 2008

Meatball Carbonara!

lol. i know abit the-off. haha. people spaghetti bolognese meatball.. me carbonara meatball. :p

Jason decided to cook me pasta yesterday. Siap bawak pan and grill pan all come to my house. lol. :")

Anyways... we headed over to 1U in the evening.. lepaked in Pick n' Brew with kecik before heading off to buy our groceries.

Bought a can of Prego sauce, garlic and minced beef.

and tadahhhh.... out pasta.. not bad k?:| lol.

da home made meatballs.. by jason :p

plate bersih :p

Kenyang giler. and this is how Jason looks like after makan. :|

Night.. we headed to Euphoria with the Allen , Audrey and Andy. semua A. :|

Euphoria's cover charge was RM50 per head. The setting in the main room was booootifulll. Huge dance floor. A vibrating one. As I heard, it was meant to add to the sensation of the dance floor. But, as it is by MOS(Ministry of Sound), they play house music. I tak berapa the layan house music.. so yeah.. lepaked at the main room for quite abit before heading downstairs. Btw, the main room plays RnB on Wed and Thurs.

It basically has 3 levels. Ground floor, basement and 1st floor. the main room playing house music was on the 1st floor and it is about 2 storeys high. Ground floor is the tempat lepak with nice sofa seating and RnB music flowing from the basement. The basement is another small dance floor playing only RnB. Didn't really liked the RnB dance floor. was rather small and hot, insufficient aircond. :| The RnB music was just ok-ok.

We officially reached home at about 4.30am :|

SLept like pigs throughout the night till next afternoon. :p

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