Tuesday, October 14, 2008



In regards to the subject matter, kindly e-mail me the photos taken in Red Box Karaoke, The Curve on 13th October 2008, in the range of 7pm to 11.30pm.

In accordance to the amount of pictures taken on that night, it shall not be missed even by one (1) piece. Failing to do so, will be paid with a price of continuous whackings.

A lawsuit pertaining to the picture of the "Pokey Brothers" will be issued if I do not receive the copy mentioned verbally on the 13th October 2008. The misdemeanor of your conduct will result to serious punishments.

Kindly be notified that I MUST receive your email pertaining to the subject matter by the 19th October 2008, Sunday, 2359HRS.

Thank you and your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Stella Ong


Vince said...

Muahaha!! I scoffed at your threat. You will receive your photos, but only those I choose will be delivered. Don't think I will betray my good friend. So you can expect just a bunch of photos with me and you, and maybe the one with the ghost. That's about it. Muahahahaha!!
Whack me all you want. It ain't gonna change anything.

MelT said...

oh "pokey brother" of mine, i thank you very much for having my interest at heart. it warms the cockles of me dear heart to read what you have wrote. however, i think my bruises speak for themselves when they say, "give the lady what she wants". i haven't undergone the rigourous training of whackings that you have received over the past however many months and i doubt i shall survive the penalty of continuous whackings that i shall receive were i to venture within one arm (or even two arm) radius of Mlle. Stella Ong.

however, notwithstanding the above, ONLY the pics that we had agreed upon shall be delivered into the custody of Mlle. Stella Ong for the purposes of dissemination on her nefarious blog.

Mlle. Stella Ong,
let us arrive at a compromise. i am willing to accept a total of 29.7 (twenty-nine and seven-tenths) occasions of severe physical discomfort (i.e. whackings) in exchange for the remaining pictures withheld.
i look forward to your response.

Mel Esq.

Vince said...

Since Mel says it's ok to send some photos. I send a little more photos to you.

so, Nah!! take it.

** stella ** said...

wah lao. so long reply. tmr only reply sumore. i wanna sleep d. :|

** stella ** said...

woiii why the gambar so lil???

mel: wei.. ur reply can be anymore lawyer-ish ah? i need to read few times leh. waste my time :P haha

I'm gonna post the pics up! :D yay!

Vince said...

Hahaha!! Now you know how I feel every time I read your blog. Your english-malay-chinese-hokkian-malaccan-4letterword-acronyms combo language style really got me scratching my head-cheek-chin-forehead-everyotherpartofmyface & rubbing my eyes sometimes!! LOL!!

One must appreciate a nice piece of english literature once in a while, so must thank mel for improving the literacy level of your blog ma hehe (even if it's a little hard to understand). Though mel, you can probably makes it a little more lay-men-ish.

** stella ** said...

lol. it isn't me! I'M JUST BEING A MALAYSIAN!!!! thus the rojak :)

mel pergi UK :|