Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Today Stella started her training in the HQ in Jalan Perak, KL together-gether with the other Personal Financial Consultants(PFC) and the Executive Mortgage Sales(EMS) people. I get to meet loads n load n lotttttttttttttts of people all over Malaysia. The PFCs come from all over.. sabah, sarawak, kedah, penang, johor, melaka.. lol. :) It was quite a fun experience I can say. It was obviously kinda weird in the beginning n like so damn kekok coz like duno anybody. But, to my suprise, Tze Lay is also a PFC! She flew all the way from Sarawak! Tze Lay is my ex coursemate. :) Went around and made frenz with a number of 'em. :) But frankly, I forgot some of their names, the chinese names.. it takes quite alot of 'ram' in my head to remember all the names in like less den 5 minz? lol. i guess 10 days will do good in remember em. :)

Today's training is bout work ethic, dress code, vision n mission.. bla bla.. history. I nearly fell asleep. Guess, i doze off at some point. lol. A 2-3 second head knock down .. like how the jet plane goes up n down.. there's how my head went for awhile during Bryan's training. lol. But Raj was farnee, farnee trainer.. from the BPO division doing AMLA. The 3rd trainer today.. Mr. Low i think.. i forgot :X he was kinda boring too.. but it became interesting when he started to talk n how to identify the cheques. Lol. at least somethign in my job scope that I need to know. :)

Tmr's the beginning of the real hard core training. Today was juz a mild introduction of HLBB. Tmr is the start of mortgage sales. Here comes the leasehold, freehold, conventional, islamic.. bla bla bla that will come bombarding to my head. Need to add extra 'ram' into my brain tonite. Need some installation to be done. I wish i was stayin in the Crown regency with the other outstation PFCs. i bet they had fun in the apartments. :( further to add, do not need to get stucked inthe blardi jam of KL early in the morning. Damn. If i would have stayed there, i could juz get up for work at 8.15 n b in office by 8.45. syoknya. The fucking jam in Jalan Ampang was killing this morning. I left home at 730am. I reached the turn off from MRR2 into jalan Ampang at 8am. and the short distance took me like almost 45 minutes from jln ampang to HQ. Damn!

Today after al the training.. Dr. X, i forgot his name.. paiseh.. the Head of Training gave a short briefing to us new PFCs. He asked bout our background n where we came from and all. When it was my turn, i told i used to be a sales and marketing executive. The convo went like that :

Dr. X : What were u doing before this?
me : I was a sales and marketing exec.
Dr. X : Wat were u selling?
me : I was selling training programmes to corporate clients.
Dr. X : Oh! Which company?
me : KDU Management Development Centre
Dr. X : Ooooooooohhhhhhh!!! Ms. MIEN!!! Mien is a nice lady! Why did you left her company?(laughing)
me : Yeah, Mien is a nice person but the problem is the manager that I'm reporting to is not nice. (cheeky smile)
Dr. X : (laughing) Mien juz changed her corporate look right? She juz took a new snapshot for her new bulletin!!! am i right?
me : Yeah, she did (laughing)
Dr. X : I gonna tease her.

Gosh.. he knows mien! and to add to that, he even know another PFC's secondary school's headmistress! and she is from Muar! gosh.. and he actually admited that he knows alot of ppl. Best part, he even said.. i might even know your parents. then he laugh away. lol. Farnee HOD i must say. but seems like a nice person. :)

HLBB isn't that bad afterall. :) starting to like it bit by bit. :) will learn to like wat i'm doing and learn to make money out of it. :D


aLittleMisfit said...

training? better ready your "fishing" gear. Cause you'll be doing a whole lot of "fishing".

eh! also great chance to find mangsa, i mean good looking boys...

btw.. pretty chick pic peeleezzee

Anonymous said...

wei install more RAM tak guna lah cos u will lose the info afterwards. Need more permanent type of storage.

** stella ** said...

sapa ni anonymous?
lol. permanent storage ran out of space. lol!
eh misfit.. no cams.