Saturday, July 01, 2006

1st July baby,


AU KENN!!!!! Happy Birthday to you too!!!
*when you coming to KL pulak? Import all come here la. Started wit Hup.. den next you n den sukin :p lol.*

30th June babies,

Kee, Happy Happy Birthday!
* life will come smooth soon. Work and and strive for the best. May all of us succeed. Thanks for everything all these while, your advices and help and also those ears that always listens to me. Oh, and thanx for Yuen Steammie-boat! * :)

Shan, A Very Very Wonderful Birthday to you!
*hey shannie, it's all gonna be alright. Thanx for the treat earlier in Ohana. And you know it.. that I'm always your friend and I'm always there for you. So, cheer up! Ring me or watever, I'm there when u needed me k? :) Take care and flush down in the toilet that sourish face of yours. You look alot better with that smile on your face. :) Take care and see ya on the 26th! *

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