Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Birthday!


My birthday was on the 2nd of December but today's the 30th! And, i'm only posting it now. damn tight wei my schdule! :|

i was like busy working from 1st - 13th December... ok i lied. from the 4th december -13.. kinda an ok month. i closed my deals.. in that first 2 weeks and then my hectic schdule started.

I flew to Beijing on the 14th and was there for about a week. My flight back was on the 20th. best part of the whole trip was.. it didn't snow at all! and it snowed on the 21st! FARK! =X the very next day when i left la. damn men-ci-bai-kan. :|

Anyways... the moment i got back from beijing on the 20th.. my dad wanted to go Genting.. and here we go on the 21st.. I drove my dad's Vios to KL and stayed a night in my place and the next morning I drove again to Genting. Now driving like pro to go up Genting. There were like TONS OF HUMANS in Genting Highlands. I won't even bother going up if it wasn't coz of my dad. we had to wait like almost 3 fucking hours just to check in. My jaw dropped when i saw the number i took to check in was about 200+++ numbers away from the current serving number! :| and my dad nicely chuck his bag with us and went to gamble. :|

When we got back on the 23rd, it was a day before X'mas Eve! I met up with Jason and we lepak-ed the whole day. Next day we went to Holy Family Church Kajang for the evening masque for X'mas. And then went yam char with jason's friends... till late. we went back to jason's place and i accidentally fall asleep already in the house :|

next day X'mas day! went to my church, GTPJ. =) i *heart* my church >.< Anyways... the next day after X'mas we went down to Seremban. Jason was the bestman for his friend, Raymond's wedding. We stayed in Klana Resort which was previously known as Allson Klana. It was a actually a nice 4 star hotel. :) VERY HUGE POOL! it made wanna jump into it!

The wedding was on the 27th. and we officially got back to kajang on the 28th. In which, that night we had a pot luck dinner in Jase's house. Had quite abit of fun during the pot luck , especially the tanni session. We chao-ed at about 4am from Jase's house. Stayed over in kjg and got back now only to my place in PJ!


Jason cooked my lunch on my birthday! hehe.. wait yawl see the picture also air liur meleleh. it was his homemade beefballs fettucine!

i eat till can die :| sooo banyak :|
And..... Jason suprised me to Rakuzen on my birthday! :*)

salmon salmon salmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn



flowers :)

and my Lancome Magnifique from my aunt :)

Happy Birthday to me!

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