Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do u realise that 2008 passed by so quickly? I am turning 25 in 2 weeks. It was in a glimpse of an eye. I felt like I celebrated X'mas in Calvin's place last month! but it was 11 months ago!

I was telling Tsin Ai.. i'm going Beijing next month! and she was like.. WTF? I thought u just got back from Taiwan! and i went like.... errrr.. i went to Taiwan December last year? Remember? U called me during my birthday when i was in Taiwan???? and she went, WAH! ALREADY ONE YEAR???

And I thought, what have I done for 2008. Think about it. Nothing much, really.


Work, travel, family, financial, personal development, physical, mental, nothing. But, I made more friends.

But, I have a plan for next year. And, my plan is to travel. I finally found a mate to travel with! :) She's none other than Fizlee, my colleague. A cute, bubbly, hyperactive, pretty chick. She has backpacked across Thailand and Indonesia ALONE! and leaving in an airplane to Australia for a good 2 months in December!

We're making plans for Thailand beaches next year in May. A good solid one month of backpacking across Thailand. And, i'm doing a research still on the Work Holiday to New Zealand. If everything's on the bright side, i'm away for a good half a year. :) or maybe more :)

And I thought all i'd fancy is a good material life. But, I guess i was wrong :) certain experience in life, can't be bought with money. It takes that lil' push to take off somethings. :)

Right now, i'm home. waiting for my next appointment. Wilz' makin me laugh my ass off. Taking away my attention from the travelling thingy I was having earlier. This is what happens when 2 idiots are bodo-bodo-ly waiting for the next appointment.

Now, back to my travel plans. Hope 2009 will be a good year with me doing something I really wanted. Not a repetition of 2008. I'll be devastated if it was the same. just another year. damn.

Too many things, too many plans but too lil' time. I wished there was Stella-2. to do 2 things. argh.

Anyways, just a random post. To blabber out whatever that's inside of me. I can do like 4 posts in a day and i can do like none in a month.


My mind wonders alot today.


that it confuses me.


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