Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Moments in Bali with my Beautiful Friends. :)

First and foremost... i'd like to WELCOME ALLEN TO FACEBOOK!!! wahhaa... peer pressure eh? lol. finallly u're on facebook. damn lembap. but bcoz of allen's facebook.. i got additional photos!

Anyways..., i lurrvveee this picture :)

This picture kononnya suppose to be silhoutte buttt... we went and "touch" each other when we were suppose to spread out! lol!!!! funny one

Thomas, Allen and myself

Our shot of tequila. it was a shot for all of us except the tee-to-ta-ler(glenn) or however-crap-u-spell-that-thing.

How u wish u could travel every month? :)


Allen said...

woi,dont bitch bout me in ur blog..bitch bout me in my FB..LOL

** stella ** said...

lol. i bitch bout u everywhere :)