Monday, November 10, 2008

Our "RESPECTED" Police Force.

WOW! I read today's news and i'm so amazed with our police force nowadays, in a bad way. Ran away after ramming into the people coz found someone's dead? HOW "SMART" AND "BRAVE"!! So much of respect that you could have for these idiotic morons. Not in general that all police in malaysia is the same. but, look at the corruption here! How they make u 'guilty' when u're not a single bit wrong!

A very good example of a respected police force is when Jason's car got hit by a middle eastern fucker when the fucker made an illegal u-turn. Stopped aside and then decided to go to toyota to estimate the damage. On the way there.. he took an opportunity to run off at a sharp corner where we lost him coz there was a divider in between. Thus, we went to report it at the local police station. They took more than 24 hours to revert back. but best answer was, the fucking car has no insurance , thus can't track the owner. and the end. IS THAT WHAT U CALL RESPONSIBLE????? RESPONSIBLE MY FUCKING FOOT!

My apologies for the extreme usage of vulgar words on this post but i'm just that pissed. Sorry vince but this IS 18PL. lol.

The Star

Monday November 10, 2008

Groom-to-be dies after car rams into m-bikes


KUALA LUMPUR: A man was killed while four others were seriously injured after a car driven by a policeman was believed to have lost control before ramming into them on the opposite lane.

The incident occurred at around 3am yesterday along Jalan Loke Yew when the Proton Saga driven by a lance corporal rammed into four motorcycles.

Witnesses claimed the car made an illegal U-turn before ramming into the motorcycles.

A Nissan Bluebird behind the motorcycles could not brake in time and crashed into the Proton Saga which had two policemen and two civilians inside.

Witnesses claimed they saw the driver of the Proton Saga run away upon realising that someone had died.

Syed Mohd Shahrizal Syed Sahari, 21, one of the motorcyclists, suffered serious head injuries and died at the scene.

His body was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for postmortem.

A traffic police spokesperson said Syed Mohd Shahrizal’s four friends including a woman in her 20s were rushed to the University Malaya Medical Centre.

The spokesperson said the General Operations Force officer was detained at around 10am yesterday while lodging a police report at the Jalan Bandar traffic police station.

It is learnt police have obtained a blood sample from the policeman to determine if he was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Syed Mohd Shahrizal’s sister, Shari- fah Shamila Syed Sahari, 31, when met at the hospital said her brother was to get married in a fortnight.

“Only yesterday (Saturday) I had accompanied him to buy his wedding attire and he was so excited. Today he is gone,” she said.

Minutes after police cleared road debris from accident scene, five people including a woman were beaten unconscious by a mob over an alleged misunderstanding.

It is believed the group uttered vulgarities to the crowd before they were beaten up.

They were sent to hospital and are believed to have been discharged yesterday evening.

Dang Wangi deputy OCPD Supt Sulaiman Salleh said police have yet to receive any report regarding the incident.

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