Monday, November 10, 2008

News, news, news.

Human behaviour are getting more and more interesting these days. And I'd like to put in irrational too. Some are so damn extremist in things they are practicing while some don't even bother thinking if there's even God! hah!

The Star has been getting rather interesting in these 2 days. First, some 2 idiotic moronic brothers "converted" a cooking gas tank into a so called NGV gas tank for their van. Got one of them killed. Thank God it isn't the petrol station attendant. That was a huge price that they had to pay for their stupidity. Even my younger sister wouldn't thought of doing such things! sick in the head.

Then.. came the next news about our beloved POLIS - "Integriti Amalan Kita" that made an illegal U-turn and rammed into the motorcyclist causing 1 death and what the POLICE did was ran off!

Then.. night i read another shocking news!

The Star

Published: Monday November 10, 2008 MYT 10:29:00 AM
Updated: Monday November 10, 2008 MYT 12:35:55 PM

Lawyers to sue govt over Bali bombers’ executions

JAKARTA: The Bali bombers’ lawyers, the Muslim Defender Team, is planning to file a lawsuit against the Indonesian Government over their clients’ execution process, which they alleged violated human rights.

“The executions were done not in accordance with existing procedures. We are preparing to take legal steps,” said Agus Setiawan, one of the lawyers, as quoted by Antara news agency.

Agus said that the rights of the prisoners’ lawyers and families had been violated as they were not allowed to meet the convicts at the Batu Prison in Nusakambangan Island and were not able to fully take care the bodies after the executions.

Separately, Lulu Jamaluddin, younger brother of Bali bomber Imam Samudera, said his family could not accept his brother’s death.

“We will file a lawsuit against the Attorney General’s Office,” he said.

Amrozi, 47, Muklas a.k.a. Ali Gufron, 48, and Imam, 38, were executed by firing squad shortly after midnight early Sunday near their prison for their roles in the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians. -- ANN/ The Jakarta Post

Separately, Lulu Jamaluddin, younger brother of Bali bomber Imam Samudera, said his family could not accept his brother’s death.

wtf is wrong with these people????? are their family dumb or just plain stupid? YOUR BLOODY BROTHER JOINTLY KILLED 202 PEOPLE!!!! THERE WERE 202 FAMILIES INVOLVED!!!! and your one fucking brother died coz he killed 202 people and you moronic people are grieving over it???? crazy! now going around sueing the government of indonesia. crazy!!!!!! MY BET IS EVERY ONE OF THE FAMILY OF THE VICTIMS OF THE BLAST ARE REJOICING AND HAPPY OVER THE DEATH OVER THE 3 BASTARDS! do they even realised that they killed 202 people??? do they even thought of the families of these people when they had their people walking into the bar with a vest of bombs? NO! WHY SHOULD THEY BE GIVEN HUMAN RIGHTS WHEN THEY AREN'T EVEN HUMANS!! THEY ARE BLOODY ANIMALS! THEY SHUD BE TREATED LIKE AN ANIMAL COZ THEY ARE ANIMALS. WHY SHOULD THEY BE GIVEN THE HUMAN RIGHTS AGAIN?

CRAP. fucking bullshit. are we, the residents of the world suppose to grieve over the death of the 3 moronic bastards? hah. funny isn't it?



Ulquiorra said...

yea believe it and our beloved police is so scared of candles they arrested 24 people while singing negaraku. Penjenayah penjenayah kat chow kit tak tengok dia orang berani arrest. Pindah their booth away from that area lagi tu. Then another racist bastard is given a heroic welcome and PDRM langsung tak buat apa apa with it.

** stella ** said...

lol. 1 word.

chicken. =X

yeah man. later on i guess this country is gonna tunggang terbalik la. seriously too many shites has been going on.. and going on and on. and u dont have anyone to trust, really. got a report to do? just swallow it and flush it down the toilet. coz, it aint gonna get anywhere.