Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday, 17th March 2007.

I had my car washed today, now.. clean n clear.. was in 1U today to watch 300 with Allen, Glenn, Ashwin, Snoop Dogg, Midz, Daryl n' Damon. Had some kinda teatime with Ash at waffle world, just to see Benny Tan Kah Hoon!!! passing by. My blardi ex which i've never seen for the past 4 years. Thank God I didn't break down like how i used to. I saw him held a girl's hand and oh yes, I must admit that I am glad .. with wat i saw. She wasn't pretty, and i meant, not even a single bit. I think my muka also more pass then her. Allen said I kutuk kao kao.. and that's coz she's not puji-able. heh! Benny, didn't get any better either. damn. am i just being sour grape? I don';t know. Fuck it. It's just benny anyway. Screw it.

Anyway, 300 was.. a ... disappointment! well, at least to me. I expected better! The computer graphics that's being used... is so... COMPUTER-ED! at least.. make la some graphic which doesnt look so FAKE! It was so graphic-ed that it looked so damn fake. Pretty slow and ok story but too many creatures around. geez. ok, i shall stop kutuking before I'm being kutuk here. lol.

Went to hartamas square for dinner while watching MU, with them scoring 4-1. Went to Kelvin's gig just to miss his performance. damn.

den mamaking.. den balik.. den tido.. and fucking work for blardi hong leong tmr.. unpaid fyi. 10-8. fuck.

good nite.

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Anonymous said...

wow... so much anger on your ex. what a pity.Moved on girl. you have a brand new man...