Thursday, March 08, 2007

* N D R * N * Y * *

Wanna buy a vowel? A E I O U. I guess this is sorta like a revenge post. damn. Ever since i Left KMDC, some colleagues there went tru hell. Some stil there, some not there anymore. To my suprise when I paid a visit today that it's left with only 4 employees in KL sentral office. Let me spell that out for you.. 4, F O U R, FOUR, four!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u blif it?

Vowels need to be bought at the top coz names aren't suppose to be mentioned in blogs or I might get sued like how jeff got sued. geez. So, this bitch aka female dog is really a pain in the ass. A fucking asshole bastard. Now pushing all things to Ali to handle her fuckign job while she doesnt know a shit about it. Ask her to administer, i think she'd rather choose to hang herself. fucked up bitch. Beyond words description. Damn.

I've never seen someone being paid so well and not doing a single shit and still remain in the company while others get sacked due to restructuring. I salute her on her she plays her cards well.. or maybe... hehe.. OVERslept with someone? geez. I dont wanna imagine. Her sleeping with either one of them? geez. if that's true, they'd had really really and I meant REALLY bad taste.

I believe her day will come.. well, someday. When she's out of cards to play with. perhaps, she'll start playin with joker and make her whole life a joke. damn. She's a bitch that controls her husband when her husband is the one bringin in the bucks for her fucking shopaholic attitude. Just hopefuly her husband would go fuck someone else, blardi divorce her and him winning the custody over the children. At the same time, her fucking attitude get realised by some of those idiots sitting top there now (who aren't realising her fuckign attitude for some fucking donkey years) , eventually, get her sacked out of the company. THat's the day she has nothing at all and that's the day i'll call her to congratulate her. Anyway, that's what she deserved.

Infact, that's considered lil as compared to how she actually tortured people. Even a 2-week employee in the company sees her attitude, I don't see a reason why the people above dont? Are they really blinded? Or are they pretending to be blind? Or are they being accidentally overslept with? I don't know. You do the maths.


Anonymous said...

as one of the unfortunate remaning souls at KMDC i have to say everything our dear Stella says bout the fucking bitch is absolutely true... in fact she is even worse than how Stella describes her!
keep it up Stella!
Uncle Noel

Anonymous said...




anthraxxxx said...

After reading the comments above, I am starting to think her "fucking bitch" description is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Is that fucking bitch pretty??

mid said...

who cares if the bitch's pretty or not? she's a bitch la doh.

A very garang and angry post.


** stella ** said...

uncle uncle.. leaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhaha.. at least now yawl faham those from project dept mia feeling. only aku jer pandai carik gaduh ngan dia. isk.

ali.. its ok to share same initial, just not the same character. If same character, then u're pretty much screwed up too. but u're not.

vince.. ngak! memang understatement.. she's worst n beyond imagination.

and mr. anonymous, perhaps you'll consider fucking her? heh. or else u'd not even bother asking if she's pretty. u're weird, ain't u?

midz.. exactly! some ppl.. juz.. dont know la where they put their brain. or if even they have 1.