Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday, April 22nd 2007. *edited version*

Had a tiring weekend. Wasted my whole saturday in Midvalley Exhibition hall selling fucking credit cards which are unsellable. I kena this thing from a random guy i spoke to;

Me : Afternoon mister, do you have a credit card?
A : Yes, I have. Thanks.
Me : Wattabout HLB?
A : No, thanks.
Me : Why not give a try to our service?
A : Okay, tell me bout it. What are your gifts?
Me : Erhm.. mug, umbrella or pouch! Then, u get to spin the wheel and if u
hit the stars, u get additional gifts!
A : erhm.. errr. mug? umbrella? tell me your most expensive gift
Me : Thermos!
A : Nah.. not intersted .. the gift not attractive at all! Wat bout the
annual fees? free for life?
Me : Errr.. no.. waive for 2 years but u can just try us out first.. if we
really provide a good service to you, or else u can juz cancel the card
A : Why no free for life? even citibank offer me free for life!
Me : err.. i can't control that. Depends on management!
A : haha.. i know.. it's okay..
Me : Aight.. no probs.. u have a nice day! :)
A : you too.. bye.
How to sell la?? u tell me? all weak points. stupid hong leong bank. fucking pathetic cheapskate! stupid marketing people. doing fucking job. when will the management ever hears? fucking deaf.
okay enuf bout stupid hong leong.
THEN! I left the fucking pathetic roadshow at approximately 6pm. Headed to gym to mandi n make up.. and den. headed to allen's place... and then we all sama-sama headed to Bukit Jalil!!!!!!!! for ... GOOD CHARLOTTE CONCERT!!!!! :) We had a good four hours there in bkt jalil.. but somehow or rather.. i think 70% of the audience there arent genuine GC fan. like me. heh. and melia. heh. and wei lee of coz. allen i duno. :p we enjoyed more of Jason Lo den GC. damn. hahaaa.. dats coz i only know few songs of GC.. haha.. and jason lo sang the songs wehre we practically know all. kaka.. one buck shot.. wasnt'... entertaining for us tho. lol. but Estrageds' "Itu Kamu" was damn gud la. very nice song :) others.. errr... not relaly tho. unliek jason lo's OLD NEWS PAPER! lol. stupid song.. but sing-able. heh! coz it's stupid. lol. he seems to like to sing alot on environmental friendly songs. heh. After all ended.. we minum at the mamak opposite allen's place. Allen and his all time favourite indomee as the usual. I dont know what is with he and indomee. it's juz maggi + telur mata kerbau. He seem to be like eating it in all the mamak he goes. like me, drinking ice cappucino in all cafes i go. At least, im normal .. haha. it's coffee .. not MAGGI MEE. why huh allen? why? it's unhealthy, it taste normal.. like .. well.. maggi. so, why? hrmmm.. weird allen. At the end, i oso ordered indomee. heh. im under influence, that makes a whole lot of difference. Allen's possessed by the indomee spirit.

Today had a great time out in curve wit melia.. she hurt my legs by making me walk the whole curve.. ikea and then even tesco! End up i bought more groceries in tesco den her. damnit! pokai. Had our lunch in this place called Zone. Quite a nice place in cineleisure.. pricing also okay.. for finger food and all.. it's not bad. Customer service was quite nice.. the cashier fler was quite nice too.. juz their service was a lil' slow.

Me n melia was deciding to watch eitehr tornado, sunshine or Catch and release. We made some .. i choose this u choose that.. guess this guess that.. ended up with sunshine. Which was a lil' too 'technical' for me n melia. We dont really understand the whole damn thing. haha. first, we reached a lil late to the cinema.. thanx to melia bodo mia seluar :p

Out of no where.. was this scene.. den suddenly another scene. but overall.. it was okay la.. story line was there.. juz dat people like us.. dont appreciate much of those kinda movie. thanx to melia i watch that movie. heh! :p i didnt even know wat the heck was that movie bout. lol. Probably we should have went for Tornado or Catch and Release. lol.

Had our dinner in Chef leong.. or chef loong.. or some chef shite in ss2. Some finger food.. quite interesting cafe.. that serves only thong sui and finger food.
I reached home.. hujan lebat kao kao.. just to get into my house.. get upstaris for a lil bit.. den it stopped raining. idiot.
And.. tmr is another fucking working day. damn.
Good nite everybody.


Allen said...

Eh, how come no mention of Good Charlotte's concert?

Lets sing together now:

"And the record keeps playing,
The same old song,
The hipsters mean mugging on me all night long,
They say Aha, ahha,
Keep your hands off my girl,
Keep your hands off my girl,"


** stella ** said...

lol oh yea hor..
later i update again. akakakaka..
forgot babi.!