Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Couch Surfing!

I came across this website some time back. Introduced by a fellow friend on msn. Browse through the site and was amazed but FORGOT to proceed further. Anyways, I visited Nicole's blog earlier and read about her latest post on her trip to Australia and she's using Couch Surfing(CS) also! Damn kao interesting lo i tell you! Especially for people who loves travelling like me :P Ask Regan if u wanna clarify. I bug him day and night about holidays and resorts and sun tanning and more Air Asia's promotions!

It's where you can go travelling at a lower cost coz most of the time, accomodation is the main killer of your pocket which indirectly puts alot of people off from the idea of travelling. Travelling to me is such an enjoyment one cannot miss. The new culture, the food, the people, the environment! Everything is different! I wanna travel the whole world if given the opportunity to! CS is such a fantastic idea!

I've taken photos of my couch to be offered on CS! 2 couches and a mattress! :D Don't worry so much on the safety of it. Drop by CS Project 2 website and u'll understand why! :D

It's damn cool man!

The pictures which I uploaded on CS.
My cheerful living room in my humble apartment

My lazy couchhhh

Another lazy couch which turned me into a potato sometimes.

The extra mattress whenever friends come by :)

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