Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jamming wit' Daughtry!

Vince has been asking me to 'jointly' text in to in order to win the tickets to the Daughtry's concert coz the ticz weren't on sale. You can only get the ticz either by buyin a sony ericsson phone or by winning them via Wasting many RM0.50 sms(s) trying to win the ticz but to no avail.

Then.. on Friday when i was in Bill's morning event... i had a call from Nick. didn't know what he wanted as it was quite early and he doesn't call me in the day. Only night, for yam char. Called him back during the break and he asked if i wanted to attend a "party".

Nick :Wei... got this street jam party thing this Friday you wanna go?
Me: Wat street jam party?
Nick : Some street party la in 1u. want or not?
Me : Free ah?
Nick: I get the ticz for u. how many u want?
Me : erhm freeee den ok! :P wait i confirm the numbers

Nick did not mention the important word, DAUGHTRY. And so i thought.. oh-a-street-jam-party. watever.

Then.. I booked my ticz and told nick. Then.. we left crowne plaza to go home after Bill's talk, with Regan and Vince in my car. And i went like..
Me: hey vince.... the daughtry thing.. where is it this saturday?
Vince: 1U
Me: FUCK! you mean..... the daughtry is the some street jam party shit?


Cepat-cepat i called nick.. lucky got the ticz for Vince, or he'll hate me forever. *lol*

Anyways... it was fun. The concert was fun.. moving under the rain. And.. they had performances from Liang, Daniel and 3 DJs, forgot their names. but the RnB songs from the 3Djs were awesome! DAMN LAYAN SIAL. were damn nice songs. goncang giler. :| but the crowd abit the sien. they weren't shaking to the music. :|

Allen was jumping and jumping and jumping. Vince were so into the songs of Daughtry, Melvin was....erm..standing? :p Renan was tumpang-ing someone's umbrella and Wee Nee was trying to get some view. :|

Daughtry was awesome! He has a great voice, very entertaining :D THanx to sony ericsson!


Allen said...

Hahaha....i din jump that much oso lar, was pretty tired that day..aihh i wish i was in front there, at least those ppl were jumping around and knows how to rock out...

Paling potong stim is ppl who stand still and keep quiet during a rock concert..jesus...sien betul...hahaha

Btw stella, thanks a lot for the ticket! :)

M said...

Wah so fun! I'm so jealous..


I'm reading your blog on my phone yo! Heh.

** stella ** said...


yeah la. the crowd was damn blardi sien. ader plak nv move to the rnb music. the 3dj's were awesome man!

iskkk.. midori ... who ask u not to work in kl? :P

Vince said...

Ooi!! Just for the record, I never planned on hating you even if you ended up not getting me the tics haha!!

And you ended up my savior for coming true with the tics.

Stella's the dopest!!

And sorry for not being to get into the groove for the DJs. Not really my cup of tea ma, and also stand until dead tired liao. Gotto reserve lots of energy for the main man haha.

** stella ** said...

you would probably secretly hate me :P or unknowingly hating me. or hating me without my or your knowledge. :p

vince.. u gotta club more to get into the grooooveee of the DJsss. den u'll shake ur bonbon! :D

main man's song can sing nia.. kenot dance to :|

Vince said...

Duh!! Have you heard of ppl dancing to ROCK MUSIC?? Head banging and jumping yes, but not dancing. Not your style of dancing anyway.

Anyways I'm more of a singing person than a dancing person.

Well, one other reason why I wasn't really in the mood to "groove" was because I had 2 medium size blisters on my feet. Dunno why, I think it's because I was walking around while waiting for a certain someone for more than 1 hour, super tired liao how to "groove"?

Allen said...

Ya, i thought about the same thing when i read that comment from
"main man's song can sing nia.. kenot dance to :|"

Dei,where got ppl dance to rock music?????

Thanks vince, for explaining to stella the proper way to enjoy rock concert..hahaha

** stella ** said...

lol. i obviously know that rock songs can't dance to.. and dats why i said can sing nia and kenot dance to la! ding dong dum dum! :|

ngak! VINCE KHOO! BLAME ME NOT! lol. can u pleaseeee blame on the rest who are later than i am ah? AT LEAST I WAS WORKING!lol. wasn't an excuse leh! I was RUSHING home from KL leh!!!!! lol.

It was Renan la. he latest :P

Vince said...

My dear friend, you should not complain about things you already know, makes you seem very whinny, or you will cause ppl to misunderstand. tsk tsk. hahaha.

In fact I think they should try to organise in such a way that if the main event is rock band, the rest of the artiste should be the same genre. hehe

Wah, so easy to start the blame ball rolling hehe. No lar not really blaming you or anyone lar. Just trying to make your life difficult.

** stella ** said...

ngek! NO! I WANT MY RNB!! :p


lol. lucky renan not on my blog. lol!!!

he wouldn't know anyways. blame renannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

Vince said...

Btw, Melvyn is spelled Melvyn, not Melvin.

** stella ** said...

heh. u didn't spell it to me when i met him :P