Friday, July 25, 2008

J.Co Donuts! *random*

And.... we didn't hear their names clearly.. and we came out with George Clooney, Shaun Connery and even Rob Thomas! :|

Anyways... right after meeting.. we ran to Pavillion. Thanks to regan who wanted to eat KFC so much.

And.. worst of all.. after makan.. we wanna walk to our car... and we passed by J.Co Donuts. I know i damn jakun loh, never try J. Co before.

So.. i went like.. "wei! Wait.. since there';s no line at J.Co.. wanna buy 1 and try leh, never try before leh"

And.. Vince went like... ermm i also want one la. Then.. suddenly Regan went like.. eh I also want one! .. then worst.. suddenly Hoon Hoon pop out her head from no where.. EH I ALSO WANT.

Out of a sudden became 4 donuts. Den.. the fler promote promote.. became 6 donuts :|

heh. 2 mine and 2 hoon hoon la. and 1 regan and 1 vince :P Hoon Hoon as u can seeeee.. is a fan of choco. blardi chocoholic girl.

Mine was some nut choc or something and the other was tiramisu,. Tiramisu was damn kao sinful. It's like creamy on the top and when u bite.. a whole chunk of cream is in the donut. OMG. I felt like i swallowed 1000calories in a mini donut. :| but tiramisu was ok-ok only. nothing much. won't be going for a 2nd round for that.

Not sure bout the other one. I took home and it's still in the fridge. I was dead full. :|

The top 2 are the tiramisus!

Vince did the honour by taking first! :D

NGAP! He puts it into his mouth!
Regan shy! Hiding behind his roundy donut. Shy konon. lol!! like he knows how to shy :|

Vince was enjoying his tiramisu so much.. that he made himself so dirty :|

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