Saturday, July 19, 2008



like serious shit!

Kena serang on Tuesday early morning at about 5am. Got up.. rushed to the toilet and... "brrraaaappppp" all water come out :| damn geli loh. and also damn alot lo.

Den.. tried to go back to bed. and woke up again at 7... anoter round of "brrrraaapppppppp"... but this time.. i puked as well... and this time.. is when my wohle body became cold.. and i nearly black out. too dehydrated d kot.

wah lao. the whole day i was like dead sotong.,

lemah can die.

called jason at 8am... tell him i almost wan mati d. :| lol. whole day i slept... coz there's nothign much i cud do. and best part.. on that day.. i was suppose to have damn lotsa activities. 2 meetings in the office, meeting up a friend and night got networking member meeting. :| all cancel thanks to "brraaapppppppppppp"

930pm jason came n bring me go doc. :|

take medicine d... til today still got "brrraaapppp" jialat. but not so bad la. now not like dead sotong d. :)

Tmr travelling back to mlk lagi. :D

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