Sunday, August 03, 2008


Today we gathered for a lil' bit after quite a long time. Wei Lee, Amelia, Jet and I gathered in Nirwana banana leaf restaurant in Bangsar. Slack, Danny didn't make it last minute, "thanks" to his gf. :|

Anyways, been quite some time we 3 bitches never got together. Another 2 bitches are stuck somewhere else. One in Seremban and another in Singapore. =) And, all of the sudden, I really miss Uni times :)

5 of us can cause havoc in any place we are in. Either in class, in chinese stalls, in mamak or even in an exclusive restaurant :| And be known as the "english-speaking-group". ME-LIKE. :)

As usual, Cik November Ooi can't makan in the indian shop, coz everything was practically pedas. :| And, cik november can't even take cili sos! She said she hungry.. so, we cross over and went to delicious. Causing us to order a mango cheesecake and a choco brownies. As usual, I menggatal and ordered coffee. A macciato. Kao kao shot. Tak payah tidor la.

"choco brownies" - we were freaking full.

Still got mango cheesecake to finish. :|

Bitch 1 - Banana Goh Wei Lee

Bitch 2 - November Ooi

Bitch 3 :p - November Ooi & December Ong

Thanx to stupid mien with the name April Ng.

Wanna go back mmuuuuu :(


^purpLe butterfLy^ said...

dong dong december ong...why never write abt julie tan???

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