Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kahwin Lagi.

Another kawan kahwin lagi! :|

Shit man. Am I getting old or wat? crap. 25 only ma. technically, i'm still 24. Literally, still a kid. :| or at least i think i am. lol. how to actually kahwin at 25 leh? wah lao. not cheap ler.

I mean the expenses are crazily tremendously fuckingly high! The ballroom would cost thousands, the food, the foto taking, the dresses, the other preparation, the house to move into! WAHHH LAOOO ALL TRANSLATE TO MONEY LEH!!!!! and i mean puluh of thousands lo! at 25! Where to have puluhs of thousands??? Especially if u work in KL. Wanna save a mere RM300 also susah sial.
Adding to that expenses.. the other day i received a very very VERY hard "book" in my letter box. i look at that thing and i was thinking.. wtf is this? then i bukak... then i saw..\
I was like.. gila mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn coz the blardi invitation card was like so the mahal! I straight called Mas!

Me:Eh, MAS! Kad Invitation adik ko tu... giler mahal woit!! i ingatkan per kat mail box tu.. tengok tengok kad invition adik ko! Giler siot kalao semua invitation buat cam tu. Beraper tu har ?
Mas:Eh.. tu lar... U MESTI DATANG sebab invitation card mahal! USD4 babe!
Me:USD 4????? =|

THAT"S LIKE A CRAZY RM13!!! per invitation wei!!! gila mahal!

anyways.. this was how the card look like! And yes, I am going this Saturday in Putrajaya.

Siap got location map lagi!

Shit, i'm getting old. =(

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