Monday, August 11, 2008

Home Cook Meal

Jorrr... know how long i never had home cooked meal? =(

I mean.. even I balik melaka also... most of the time my family's eating out. Worst still in KL.. used to cook at home but some kedongdong housemate left and flew to Penang, thus, I didn't really cook at home anymore. Cook rice and lauk for 1 person? :| abit the malas wanna do those shit.

Anyways... Jason came over the other day. :p and I've got my home cook meal! And one that I don't have to cook lagi :P i got my chef of the day. =D

I had rice with curry chicken and some vege, i don't know the name of it. and also CINCAU! :D


*Eat like babi*

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