Monday, August 11, 2008

Jas' Big Day!

I travelled down to Putrajaya last Saturday with Alistair to attend Jas' wedding. This is basically my 3rd time meeting Jas. lol. First time, was during Hari raya.. she's the sister of a close friend, Masliani. 2nd time we met.. we clubbed in Zouk. lol. and third time we met, she's the bride d! lol.

Best part.. when i was leaving the hall, shaking the hands of the bride and groom.. she went like..
Jas : Stella kan?
Me : Yes!!! Congratulations!
Jas : Lama tak jumpa! Biler nak clubbing?
Me : lol!!!!

Tak lain in her mind.. kahwin day also think of clubbing. lol.

ANyways... the setting was beautiful! Her dress was... glamourously wonderful! macam princess u know!!! it's like gold and white with glitters! geeeezzz so cantik!

But i didn't take a foto. :| lol. i only have my 1.3mega pixel camera phone :P

Camwhored with Alistair only. dat also coz that's the only thing we could have done! lol. luckily i didn't sesat in putrajaya. my frist time there.. but on the way back sesat. thanks to the wonderfully "SMART" signboards that is so fucking misleading.

Camwhore take no. 1
No. 2

no. 3

Finally someone next to us, offered us a hand to take for us. lol!!!!!

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