Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get out of the bank! It is Friday 1pm!

Today felt like a Friday, I don't know why. Probably i'm a weekend freak! which employee arent??? I won't like work for the company and die for the company! siow eh.. those who work on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and SUNDAY!!! crazy. Not as if i'm like handsomely paid!

Today at work.. as the usual rush rush rush.. coz month end.. boss wanna hit branch target.. I oso wanna hit my personal target.. so rush like sial. Den.. my boss told me a big joke. She showed me an e-mail. Which I don't know if I should cry or laugh. This has nothing to do with racism n all. But, it just gets me like.. "uh???" The huge .doc file content stated,
To all Muslim customers, banking transactions on Friday between 12.30pm to
2.30pm is highly discouraged.

And, suprisingly, the bank that serves purely HLIB are to be closed on Friday from 1230pm to 230pm. I am suprised, seriously. I mean, it is in their religion that they have to do their Friday prayers but I do know of some who doens't obey to it. I mean, we can't force them, can we? Ironic, isn't it? Same goes to Christians who ponteng Church and sleeps at home. I'm not saying it's not right, but why?

Okay. Enough bout bank. Last Monday night, I bang my baby Myvi. I bent the bumper and I broke my heart. :( I CRIED THE WHOLE NIGHT MAN!!!!! damn freaking and fucking sedih wei! I've never officially banged people's car in my freaking life and now I bang someone's car with my own small carelessness with my new MYVI! I went to check out the car day before yesterdayy.. the fler's car was as good as new.. with no dent at all. Sah lah kereta lama lebih keras dari kereta baru. my car like plastic toy car. The fler driving an old iswara.. same quality cam I punya saga. Keras macam bulldozer. I remember when I was being banged by a stupid special edition Wira, the fler teruk kao kao, me only some scratches and kemek abit. this time.. i understand how the other party felt. My car was like.. quite bad in damage :( for a light touch on the iswara.. wat an expensive lesson i've got. It cost me RM260 juz coz of that kiss i had on that iswara. I hafta ketuk back out the bumper and also the side besi on top of my tire as the alignment lari d. i wasnt able to open my passenger door that day coz of the alignment. Then, I resprayed the whole bumper and now my car is back to normal. But I could still see some defects on it. It wasn't as pretty as it used to be. It is as if my car went through a plastic surgery. :(

Today had dinner with Shyam that's leaving HLB tmr. Had been a nightmare for her in TPA branch. As well as for me too. HLB scared me and I wouldnt want to ever work under any Hong Leong Group of Companies anymore. I called Klang branch today due to some housing loan shit just to find out the PFC helping me there.. is his last day in the branch. Everybody is leaving the bank, especially the financial consultants. HLBB train and Alliance, UOB and OCBC take for free. Stupid hlbb. Idiotic management with idiotic ideas and moronic 'schemes'. No wonder people leave and it's so hard to hire. Just look at the sit next to me, I wonder how long will it be vacant. Ever wondered why uh? Morons.

Now, should I tender my letter next week or the middle of the month? :( Im in a crisis. Fuck.


Gary said...

Jom pi jual claypot chicken rice near petaling street...!! there's 1 fucker there whois charging 25 per pot man... kaya giler...

** stella ** said...

serious shite? so damn blardi exp. wahaha... but btw.. how does dis comment relate to my post ah?

eh.. btw.. i tink..... we sell.. claypot babi rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

lol. yday allen bought klue.. inside got advertise roti babi sialz! ahahahhahaa

Gary said...

roti babi?? wat the hell.....??
roti babi as in roti canai with pork?
btw...its related cos u r resigning finding work for u lo...

** stella ** said...

lol! no seriuosly.. like a bread.. bungkus inside gto babi.. NOT PAU AH! u ask allen! he got the book.. that advertised the roti babi. in a shop name yu kee. wahahhaa.. serious wei. i went there b4 makan pork chop instead of chicken chop. heh!

so u wanan be my business partner for claypot babi rice? heh!

NoelSolomon said...

hey stellllllaa!
i resigned from KMDC last week on the day you made this posting... its a sign... have u tendered ur letter yet??

** stella ** said...

lol. yet to. going soon :)

i called mien today. just to find out that she's already a walton client. keke.. im late damn! kaka. but she was nice.. at the end she wants to have coffee with me to discuss on her new project on some equities investmnet. aih.. lol.

called dr wong too today.. he sounded so energetic.. which i tot i called the wrong number!!! he answered teh call n spoke like a 25 year old man !!! serious shit!