Wednesday, May 09, 2007

- Malaccan Thread ™ : Edisi Cuti-Cuti MT v1 -

Malaccan Thread grew and grew!!! It was our first cuti-cuti MT for the spammers of Malaccan Thread! Our destination was Port Dickson, and we stayed in Corus Paradise Resort. Apartment was so-so.. we were 'upgraded' to the penthouse.. the so called pent house.. which the tangga sounds as if it's gonna runtuh. *lol* But, all in all, we all experience the same thing, FUN. =D

I love this sunset one. very nice!

I see me n another 2!

Prolly, this is Eddy's hidden talent. hrm...

Scenic Photos, courtesy of Eddy! Nice photos taken with his canggih HP!

We chilled there.. literally chilling. We lepak-ed in the apartment most of the time during our PD trip. We reached, we checked in and we lepaked by playin cards. Till dinner time.. we had a good seafood dinner.. den back to apartment, and chilled by playin cards, beer a lil here n there and tid bits a lil here n there. Then.. we played cards whole nite n chatted whole nite.. den tido.

Next morning.. i woke up at bout 7am.. sleepily walked down the stairs.. had a card game with em.. while facing the beautiful wide sea.. with morning breeze.. den came misfit, toink toink.. ehhhh rainbow! den.. only i looked.. yea lah!!! rainbow wei.. from the middle of the horizon.. i can't explain how relaxing and beautiful it was :) We met chee leong, misfit's fren for breakfast of half boiled egg with roti bakar at a local kopitiam.. damn! u know how slow is dat town??? damn rilek wei! but den.. if i stayed there for a month.. i think i'll rot. :x

Can you see the rainbow!!! Soooo boootiifulllll!!!!
When we got back to hotel.. we went to the sea to main air.. first david and kamwah went down.. n celup themselves in the sea. den me and eddy came tagging along.. eddy straight jumped into the sea.. while me see left see right.. konon la.. duno to swim.. den dis dumbdumb david swam towards me.. den slowly walked out the sea.. and said this to me,
"Bu, ini di mana ya?"

Bodo mia david! konon.. swam all the way from indon!

Then, i went into the water. And got attacked! See, I'm surrounded and attacked as I was protecting myself. *poor me* Sorry if im exposing some sexy bodies here. *lol*

Then, we had a 'group' celup air photo with the guy behind me.. having the 'superman' pose. The others.. kurang sporting.. dowan to celup themselves into the water. ish!

And, i wasn't just attacked in the water! I was also attacked in the apartment! Seeing is believing!

And finally, a group photo of different versions.. and readyyyy....
clik clak!den.. another time... by misfit.. tak sempat nak senyum.. he oredi chik chak!
then.. another time.. ready...... chik chak! this time ok abit. *lol*
.. but i didnt realised those dumb dumbs were doing somethign on my head till i saw the photos!

It was all fun. You'd better not miss out cuti-cuti MT v2!


Laputa World said...

wah, very interesting trips.....aiyoh, regret I miss out..:P

** stella ** said...

who ask u dowan come :p

come for TT first la