Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tootyyy . . . I see tooty everywhere !

In my earlier post, i spend my whole day in curve. Den.. that same night.. pig asked me if i wanna go yamchar or not? coz the weather was so hot.. she wanted to have some lolo! Infact, the day before.. the saturday.. there was a conversation that took place like that over the msn.
Pig : wei.. isetan got sales man!!! go buy heels!!! I bought wei.. 70%
Me : oh.. izit? wah how much arh?
Pig : Mphosis! Only RM21!!!
Me : wah!!! so cheap ah? u sure or not? Not RM210? i dont trust u.
Pig : Yeah la idiot. Eh.. since got nothign to do now.. wan go klcc
or not? I Bring you go buy.
Me : :/ uh huh! *fyi it was 1.40pm* err.. sure orn ot? den i go mandi
Pig : sure laaaa. wann or nottt?
Me : Ok la.. i go mandi now..
Pig : but hor.. wait let me calculate some time.. by the time i come out
from the house.. i reach your house oredi 2.10.. den reach klcc 2.30 den 4 pm i
must be home.. so meaning 3.30 must go d. I think we go tmr la.
Me : !f#($&*#(*#$#($*)($*!!!!!!!!!
So.. when conversation like that can take place.. i don't .. err.. put much hope on a sunday night at 11pm when we both got work the next day! But miracally.. she came!

Just before taht.. we were also talking over msn.. n she went like that.. eh u know ah.. this place in kepong.. call jinjang wei! got nice lolo! come we go eat.. but hor.. i not sure wehre is it.. it's somehwere where have to turn down.. dont go up flyover.. got roudabout.. must turn 3o'clock... hrm.. wanna try? classic wei! ask me wanna try. *pengsan* so .. my replied to her was... "why don't you try while i sit in?" *heh*

So.. we drove all the way to kepong.. n believe it or not.. we sesat. hrm.. konon stupid carrefour signboard.. written there 5km ahead.. we follow jer la.. ended up in mrr2. like bodo. till i hafta call my friend. and finally .. i think after 40 minz.. we foudn the place. gosh!

As the name was.. jinjang.. we sat down to have our lolo. Then.. came this couple.. where the girl.. dressed.. errrhm.. something like tinker bell.. but just.. errr.. uglier. :X 1st prove of jinjang-ness. den.. next thing we know.. this konon drifter.. came n drifftttttt the car before turning into the corner. damn! crazy.. 2 nd prove of jinjang-ness. Enough is enough. *gosh*

Then.. on the way back.. we ta pao-ed Limau Barli... sedap wei.. then we minum minum before getting into the car.. den best part is on the way back.. I had the farniest 'joke' in my life wei. And the conversation went like that,
Me : wei .. i think u shud start boiling some barli limau at home
Pig : yes man! Den.. i give u the char.
Me : Woi.. must only give me if nice.
Pig : but hor.. i think if i boil .. i dowan to put in the bijik bijik
Me : @#&@#*!@#&
Me : but hor.. i think those bijik bijik thing are called BARLEY!
I rest my case.

And.. i wasnt allowed by her to blog about it. And if I do, i must censor her name to *toot* and thus.. she changed from a pig, to a fish and now a tooty. Which, she obviously wanted to be the mini yellow tweety bird. But, i think tooty suits her more.

So, the end of tooty story.


-midori- said...

Ini tooty damn tooty sial..


Dowan put the bijik bijik thing.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

*jatuh off the chair*

** stella ** said...

yeah man.. the toot-iest u can find in town.

Betul betul classic. nak carik pun tak da.

Anonymous said...

wah lau eh....I wanna defend myself d!

Eh..the barli bijik i meant boil the barli until crush la..then only nice ma...WTF

Then hor...the jinjangness of the place i agree lor...super the kao lat max jinjang...

But hor, when getting there..I was taking the correct turnings, but this smart gal named Lat told me to make a wrong turning..I told you it was to Kepong right..hahaha..see...the tooty story continues till we reached the lolo stall

We asked the waitress for menu, she gave a blur face, she showed us the pictures of lolo on the boards as the menu...LMAO..then the board menu in mandarin somemore..both of us mandarin illiterate..actually me la..lat knows la...but her brain doesnt work that night...can't decode the mandarin words...hahaha...

So we ended up eating lolo and best of all, we ordered barli limau and took away and stood in front of my shrek car and drank...thanks to Lat..got table dowan to sit...stand in front of car nicer isit?...wahhahaa

Revenge of the Tooty!Ooopss...suppose to be Tweety..Cuter ma..hahahah



** stella ** said...

pi mampus. iskkk... u're the one who wanan ta pao n drink while 'on the way back' but failed to resistant! X( btw, did u hijack ur bro's limau barli? lalaakaka

in regards to turning.. u oso not sure where to turn kkkk.. me not jinjang fler.. duno dat place :P all ur fault la.. wanan 'try' :p

and h e l l o, hello! since when i know to read cina!!!

"actually me la..lat knows la...but her brain doesnt work that night...can't decode the mandarin words...hahaha..."

since when was i able to decode bahasa cina! me not chinese mah! :p

bahasa english n malay can la decode. isk!

Gary said...

wats lolo??

** stella ** said...

sago lolo la..
lolo pun tak tau :X

Gary said...

tak pernah dengar la.....

** stella ** said...


gary jakunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

next time i bring u go eat k? kaka

lolo pun tak tau :X

-midori- said...

gary betul betul jakun.. *tsk tsk*

Gary said...

hoi.....!!! apa jakun???
probably i've eaten some sago shit that u guys are calling lolo ok... lol....

Gary said...

I think u gals meant this rite?


** stella ** said...

lol!!! sampai kena ader gambao! yeah smth like dat.. but dats honeydew one.. not so nice.. the popular one is mango lolo. lol. next time bring u go eat k? akakaka

betul jakun :X

sampai midori oso agree :P kakakakaka

ni nak kena sepak kang,.. jajkaja,.a.a.

Gary said...

lol.... sial betul budak budak niiii..... really wanna kena sepak from me d...

** stella ** said...

sepak kiri sepak kanan
sepak apa sepak siapa
sepak gary sepak midori
hanya jangan sepak ongsuklin

rhyme sialz! =D