Monday, May 28, 2007

The Curve

Yes, I'm a Curve freak. Was there on Friday and again today. My same spot today but different book. Finished the earlier one already. Now it's "my 3 husbands". I was being forced to blog this entry by Allen Tan on whatever happenned in Curve the past Friday.

I had a perfectly fine Friday. Went to work.. chao.. went home rested and mandi.. and headed to Curve to meet up with Melia, Pig, Glenn n Allen. Had dinner in Hooked which amelia even written the comment on the comment sheet even before dinner was served which supposedly we'd be in the running to winning some shite. can't remember wat. At approximately 10pm.. we walked over to Laundry bar @ Italiannies. We yak yak yak.. n had our n out of toilet coz over loaded with liquid. At about 2am.. when i started to feel a lil unwell.. n when we were about to go back.. we stood up..

And I remember i held onto allen's shoulder with my left hand and amelia on my right hand.. and i said.. i wasnt feeling very good. Next thing i know.. i drop down , black out. just for a few seconds.. den they'd held me up n dragged me to the sidewalk. Where I sat and turned white. Well, pale would be a better word. It was a familiar feeling which I once had in the LRT when i was on these fucking crazy diet which i dont consume sugar at all, inclusive of fruits! But now, i'm on perfect meals and all.. so i dont know wat caused that. Am gona go to the doc tmr tho.

Allen n Pig got me a bottle of water from TGIF which I heard from them the supervisor was nice enuf to give it for free. Drank the water.. bla.. went toilet a lil bit.. and i was perfectly fine. Or at least I felt i was perfectly fine. But they'd didnt trust me enough to drive back. *lol* but yeah.. i drove back also at the end with wei lee tailing me at the back. I'm a stubborn bitch, I know. :)

The end of pengsan story. Now yawl can comment and kutuk as much as u want. *lol*

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