Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jason's Burfdae!

Last Monday was Jason's birthday.. 29 year old d. old man d :P hheee..

I wanted to blindfold him from damansara to the hotel.... but he didnt want to be blind folded. i also sked wait he trip n fall den i hafta carry him :|

We celebrated his burfdae in a fine dining restaurant in Bintang Restaurant, a revolving restaurant in Federal Hotel. Surprisingly there isn't any jam at all going to bukit bintang at 7pm from Damansara. =D

Anyways... the view from Revolving restaurant was just ok la.. nto that great. i wanted the kl tower but it was like freakishly expensive.. which i think i'll have like a permanent hole in my pocket sial. And, according to damn huge huge huge amount of comments i found over the internet and also from my friends, the food in the KL Tower revolving restaurant is not great at all for the price u pay. We had tenderloin steak in federal revolving restuarnt instead. :)

We sampai there.. only got 1 table with humans sial. i dont think they even need reservation for a dinner there.. coz its practically SO SO SO damn empty. The ambience was nice.. dinner over candle light =)

Here are some photos of the night :)

and oh yah! i was the driver for the day. lol.

the lunch that supposedly i was cooking for him.. end up cooking together gether. lol

that's my gorden bleu chicken.. with cheeseeee flowing out of the chicken.

cheese omellette.

chicken cream soup :)

jason trying hard to act cute :p


Bintang Revolving Restaurant @ Federal Hotel
the "appetizer"

starter - chicken shredded tortilas

the restaurant.


the driver

End of the night :)

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