Friday, February 27, 2009

Amazing work on the Toll Rates.

First, they gave a 10% off on PLUS highways for road usage after 12am. Then, they took off the NPE 2nd toll and the Salak Jaya toll. Everyone was delighted! You get response like these :

“Even for a short journey we have to pay toll. I am happy that this toll is abolished,”

“I send my son to school in Salak Selatan every day, so I can now save a bit on toll,”

Then.... like a teaser or a short way of trying to make the civilians to feel good about toll rates, they came up with another shocking news.

AH HAH!!! the real story behind all the abolishing of tolls and reduction of so called 10% after 12.

They took off 1 toll on NPE and they increased the other from RM1.60 to RM2.00. HOW "JUSTIFIABLE". Smart move uh?

And the bloody short kerinchi toll which was RM1.50 for that bloody short journey because there isn't any routes that PROPERLY links federal to Damansara which obviously had no proper town planning, which caused the horrific jam had to be increased to RM2.00!!! what kinda sh*t is this!

In order to get on Federal from Damansara, non-toll, your only alternatives are LDP-Federal or Sprint-Bangsar-Federal or Spring-Jalan Universiti-Federal. Bangsar AND Universiti AND ldp are all 2 lanes road which has HUGE AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC. And lotsa people are resorted to Kerinchi.. that costs RM1.50 for a probably 3 minutes drive journey. And now, RM2? Crazy.

It's so heavily burdening the citizens! Looking at the current situation, people are ALREADY BURDENED! and now, adding these to their back. No wonder robbery happens so rampant nowadays. BECAUSE PEOPLE JUST DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO SURVIVE!!! I am starting to believe what almost everyone is saying, working in Malaysia is like a survival, unlike singapore in which working in Sg is for lifestyle. NO, MALAYSIA is PURELY FOR SURVIVAL. Bcoz with a pay of RM2,500 today won't get you anywhere as well. With toll rates hike, which eventually cause almost everythign to hike. Same effect as the oil prices.

Toll hike = food price hike = goods price hike = everything hike = WE SUFFER.

Then, our beloved PM told to reconsider the toll hike. Makes me wonder how long would it last as it was said to be implemented on March 1st. Which is this Sunday.

I really wonder, with the amount of vehicles passing through the tolls on a daily basis, haven't they had enough to cover the cost? and making huge fat profits from it?

Are we gonna be like Indonesia or Indian where the rich and the poor are OBVIOUSLY separated?

I don't know.

"Plucked from The Star Online"

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