Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unforgettable Drama at 3.40am on 9th March '09

I am tryin to cut the whole drama short.

We had 2 buckets of beer in Bali Cafe @ Jetty. Our beloved friend, Kit, ops... did i mention his name? =X oh Benny's ex bestest as claimed... had slightly a lil' more drinks than all of us. At approximately 3am, midori did a statement, " boring la. let's do smth. my house got beer, we go take beer and go beach drink"

We did not achieve to any agreement. Thus, benny took his car with us in it and went rounding in melaka raya aimlessly. btw, Benny was the driver, Kit was the co-driver seat while midori and myself at the back.

Half way around town, we decided to go as midori's suggestion. On the way to Klebang... Kit openned his mouth, " eh i dont feel like going la. can send be back ah?"

Benny : !*@&#(@#&(!( "get out la... walk back home laaaa" (jokingly)
Kit : ok. used to it d. *walks out the car and walks off on the opposite direction*
Midori and me: *LOST*


Mid & Me : Benny! CALL HIM LA!!!
Ben : He not pickin up!!!
Kit : *cooly walks on*


Sampai Junction.. Kit continue walking "macholy"

Me & Mid : *pusing kiri nampak police patrol car* SHIT! POLICE! TURN LEFT!!
masuk taman

*turn into taman... while our eyes watching behind our car"


Turn one round fetch Kit quickly and zoomed off. Happily thinking we have lost the police.

Tiba tiba!!! *blue lights flashing from the back*

kena potong on the faster lane and kena stop ditepi.

At approximately 3.40am, 9th March 2009..... we dihenti di tepi.

Asked for all 4 ICs and Benny & Kit's license.

Police : Apasal tadi jalan sana.. nampak kereta you reverse lepas to masuk taman?
Kit : Angkat kereta la bang
Ben : nak angkat kit pergi minum
Me : Terlepas junction nak angkat Kit masuk kereta
Police : dia cakap ambik kereta, abih naik kereta ni?
Ben : Tadi ingat nak pergi balik, tapi last minute nak pi minum. so call kit, cakap pi satu kereta, itu la angkat kit.
Kit : Betul bang, takda hal. betullll
Police : Kalau dah buat salah tu, takkan nak mengaku! takkan nak berak tepi jalan!
Ben, Kit, Mid & me : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA loudly.
Police : tadi dari mana?
Ben : Mlk raya.
police : minum?
kit : sikit jer bang.. sikit jer.
police : kalau test mesti kena tau
ben: takda la bang, sikit saja laaaaa
police : kalau test ,,, mesti kena tau
kit : tak da la.. tadi minum sikit saja..
police : *in another way telling kalau test mesti kena tau" then continued with "kalau kena.. mesti ada mahkamah semua tahu:"
Ben, Kit, Mid & Me : *buat duh*

Finally after longgggg time.. he let us go.

We laughing and laughing and scolding kit... we.. accidentally....

turned left at junction, langgar the red traffic light :|


Then... kit Ber-drama again.

Kit : eh! where my license ah?
Ben: not with u meh? he never give ah?
Mid & Me : *find find korek korek find find*
Me : Benny, stop car aside...

*Car stopped tepi jalan while Kit came out and find under his seat*

While looking for the license... The same patrol car have to pass by :|
Stopped in front of us again :|

Police : Aper ni?
Kit : Bang .. tadi bang ada bagi balik lesen ah?
Police : aderrrr.. *muka chuak*

*korek korek korek and i foudn it under the chair at the side*

We terpaksa turn right to klebang coz we oredi told police we going klebang as they were behind us.




Eve said...

hahahahhahahahahhaha omg this is damn hilarious...kau long never hear the word chuak :D

** stella ** said...

oh i forgot to tell..

after dat the police said .

"leerrr... ambik lesen kau buat aperrr???"

i think he damn relieve wei. lol!

chindian said...

of course lah.. u guys were with the 2 most drama alpha males in MLK town...

miss m said...

"reverse wei benny quik reverseee!"

"shit! police! quik turn in turn in masuk taman!!"

"fuckkk police folo!!"


Kit masuk kereta oni kena hantam by the three of us.. hahahaa! Benny's mouth all the (!*&*@*&!*&@& come out!

Got whacking from both of us sommore!!


hhahaha! think of it again damn funny la..

3:40 am @ 9th March 2009

Anonymous said...

i canot believe u blog it... OMG

** stella ** said...

2 most drama alpha males... lol

anonymous must be kit la ni? lol

Anonymous said...

itz Kit :)
hmmm....datz d 2nd time i heard Alpha Males after so long :)

miss m said...

confirm kit wei..
just now saw him outside, berteriak!

damn funni!

my colleagues were all, eh why midori shouting outside? hahaha

** stella ** said...

put la kit.. anonymous pulak. lol

lol. midori gila. :| shout shout.

sienness. so are u guys participating for Earth Hour? :D hahaha

Anonymous said...

benny did a good work... he went to publish the whole world... "THAT"S WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR" later when u ask him, he will yelll "YING WONG ARR"....

** stella ** said...

eh... what thats what are friends for?


Anonymous said...

adui salah formation "That's what friend are for"

Benny said...

YUN WONG AR !!!!!!!!!!!!
I oni publish to 1 guy k :)

stella said...

lol. yawl alpha males damn drama siak...

malaccaboy said...

Hahaha ... just stumbled on this post. Just like old times ... just like old times ... return of the alpha males.

miss m said...

that's what are frens for..

ahh.. ttboy good publicist.. heh

ttboy is like the second person I know who says YUN WONG AHH! the other person who always says that is my mum.. -.-

Benny said...

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! d Great DAVID KOH has spoken !!! :)

stella said...

benny koh = mid'z mum