Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jason Mraz is SOoooooooooooooooo HOT!!

I just got back from Jason Mraz's concert earlier in Stadium Negara... and he'sss oooohhhh soooo hoooottt...

My ticz to Mraz :)

he's like damn damn hot. freakingly hot. and his sempoi guitar playing and singing with him dancing to his own songs makes him even hotter! and did i mention that jason mraz is sooooooo HOTTTT???

He's so toned and damn HOT. ok enough of hot.... but he's really THAT HOT!

Even melvyn and vince said this , "my heard is melting for him". sounded gay, i know.

Jason Mraz was crazily engaging his crowd... he was so damn blardy good at it! He made us sing, he made us copy him, he made us feel engaged to him!!!

Walked up the stage with a khakis pants and a blue plain shirt with his guitar.. and just making his magic with his guitars and his wonderful voice.. did wonders to the crowd. THE TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT! The relaxed guy does not only come with a good voice, but a good package of good guitar skills, freaking good showmanship and those sexy dance move he did on the stage. :") makes me droooolllll.....

Jason Mraz performing. ;) my fone cam sux. thus, the quality :)

Oh yeah... btw... damn drama.. vince picked me from my condo at 5.30pm.. at approximately 6pm where we wre about 5 minutes from stadium negara.. i realised i forgot my ticz! lol. did a u-turn back to damansara.. and one hour later, 6.30pm i was still at my condo. haha.. but reached there at 7 and manage to still be on time for everything. =)

Back to jason mraz.... he's just soooooooooooooooooooooo good!



Vince said...

Erm.. I think you're referring to our HEARTs were melting for him haha. And that's not gay enough la.

I did make 2 other comments:
"I've fallen in love with him"
"If I'm not married, I'd be stalking him"

Those 2 statements are even more gay LOL! But of course, I'm not gay la.

** stella ** said...

oh crap. yeah it was heart haha...

SHIT. yawl damn gay man! :|

well melvyn's not married. is he gay then? lol!

Vince said...

I don't think so la. And to be fair I was the one who said those things. Not him haha.

Only one way to find out. Send some girls to try to seduce him hehe. Just kidding. He'd probably kill me.

stella said...

he also sama la. he said mraz melted his heart ma. lol .

same la.