Friday, October 20, 2006


I've got a mail from Amelia.. well I don't know when but I just checked it today. It contains pictures with quotes on friends.

And I felt this is true.. this pic on the left.. well.. the quote is.. very true. Life's rule no. 1, You are never too busy to keep in touch with an old friend. Maybe this is only being absorbed by certain friends of mine and on the other hand certain people would just ignore despite of them not even being busy. Those arent what I call true friends. Have 'em or loose 'em, I now feel it doesn't make a difference. What's important is who you have around you now and who you know is a treasure that you found and that you know you must not let go.

And I believe those people who falls under both of the categories knows who they are. :)

I kinda like this one too. Not just the words but the picture too. :) But I guess the girl on the right side accidentally closed her eyes. Childrens are cute, aren't they? I dunno what's wrong with Mien. :X haha.

Kill me mien, I know you want to. :p

And I liked this one too!
But somehow, the 2 pictures looks more like a United Colors of Benetton ad. to me. haha.

*Friends are my treasure and you guys know who you guys are and I treasure
yawl alot*

Thanx peeps for all the good times we had. :D
*muacks muacks muacks + bonus huggies*


^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

yaya agreed da ucob ad...ahahha rem we did a presentation on it? kewl man!! they alwiz use children of all races...

and i totally agree dat u're neva too busy 2 keep in touch wiv an old fren...i personally felt dat there's no reason for someone relly close 2 u alwiz give excuses not 2 come n meet u... (lat u kno wat i meant rite?) and relly sad dat close frens drifted apart as days passed by... lat u say only..u oso neva ajak me go out even tho we're in kl... i kno u sure give excuses as i cannot go out late..bla bla bla... so on n so fort.. ahahhaha... but at least haf courtesy maaaaa.... so sedey...danny dun even ajak me out!! =( end of nov we hav big gathering ok? heheheh

** stella ** said...


who say never ajak arh!!! u yang nak balik kampung! hahahhahaha..

we tonite watching WTC ma. u la u la.. nak balik kg. :p

eh dat day we bukan pi curve ah? X( u pi petaling street at 6+ how u wan me to go? fly there ah?> isk isk!

not excuses but pure hard solid reasons. :)

eh btw.. plz define a big gatehring. we few ekor oni la. can kira. haha.

^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

eh halo lat...i balik on fri cuz i mon keja ok...unlike u cuti satu minggu...damn hell alot of work 2 do..cant take sad...

big gathering as in plus tat, dan, jet...erm mebe mien...n dis time i'll ask kelly along...mebe jac..wahahah...they got no excuse not 2 come...

** stella ** said...

pengsan. haha.. if managed to actually gather all humans together gather.. is a big achievement man. lol.