Friday, January 12, 2007


I know this is a belated and lembap-ed post. Blame my pc and my router, blame me not. I had a tummy-disturbing day today. Got up in the morning juz to end up in the toilet poopoo-ing twice and vomit three times. Had breakie and poo another time and poo-ed twice in office. Wanted to get the MC so badly, but hafta see customer in branch. By the time one by one of them wanting to see me, the clock ticks so fast that it was 1+ almost 2, MC? hang it.

I've got some lil' Singapore photos taken by Ashwin's cam during x'mas... yet to get the New Year Eve's photo, those are embarassing photos, not for eyes to see, seriously. Only donk donks will put the photos in their blog, if u know who I meant.. *hik* Only smart people do not put those photos to the public. heh! *big grin*

Pic 044

We had like so lil time in Singapore during X'mas.. gosh.. i need more photos to update you guys. Photos from Ashwinor not enuf coz he went from Melaka while me, glenn n pig from KL, which we experienced some kinda adventure in order to reach Singapore.


First bus air cond broke down in tangkak, stranded for 1 hour.. pics will be updated later. still with piggie. Then stopped in JB bus station and we hop on a public bus transport to go Singapore juz to be left by our bus at the immigration as we can't find the stop for us to board back the bus. *sweat* Finally we reached safe and sound with a CW2 bus.

Bugis aka Queen's Street .. where we stayed, in South East Asia Hotel :)

It was a seriously rushing trip, so many places to go and yet so lil time. *damn* Of course la not enough time, we spend more than half a day in Singapore Science Centre! but it was a really nice n interesting place. No, seriously it is!!!

Pic 021
*in front of the science centre

Pic 030

We went to Cityhall and had our bootiful dinner there with the waitress falling in love with Ashwin.. trying to fulfill all his needs. *ahem* Ashwin got so malu-fied that he blushed! and it was an obvious blush. *lol* Ashwin malu malu!

Pic 004

We had an enjoyable time in Orchard Road on X'mas eve. We 'smartly' followed piggie to the crowd side.. and we stood in front of a family.. literally a mum and few kids, thinking we are quite safe with that surrouding.. juz to find that this family carries a big bag of foam spray! And, guess what.. when they attack people, people attack them back.. and we are in between. Macam benteng pertahanan, yang suka rela. But again, without that, no fun also wat! =D IT WAS GREAT! and dead tiring. Siewharong that didn't wanna get dirty, juz couldnt avoid it having people like us around. We asked the kids behind us who are holding the foam spray to spray on her! PICTURES ARE WITH PIGGIE!!!!!

Pic 041



we sempat lagi wanna cam-whore in the midz of an attack!

and the best-est pic of all is SIEWHARONG UNDER ATTACK! wahahhaa.. u deserve it! lol. hide more and u get attacked more! :p

Back to the hotel... we slept in a weird direction, it was me, pig, glenn and allen. I really don't know how to show it here. if only i had pictures, esp. on how Allenor slept! *lol* He's being kung-fu kicked by piggie. Thank God me and glenn slept peacefully without being kung-fu kicked around. Allen tidor-ed like cacing kerepot! You should have seen!

On the last day, we went over to Cityhall again to have brunch and we headed back to hotel then. Coz our bus was like 1230! so early :( Then I saw something weird on the way walking to the bus station. FYI, we stayed in some religious area.. with temple situated next to our hotel and alot of stalls and shop selling Buddhist stuff. Okay.. now what i saw was.. a man seating down on the road.. with his stall .. and a bottle and some chinese writing stuff. The weird stuff is the thing in the bottle. IT WAS A BABY FETUS. i got so freak out and when i asked glenn.. he juz told me to walk. isk.
I told ya we stayed in some religious area!

Pic 064

Then back to KL.. as usual the life goes on till New Year's EVE!!! :)
BBQ all went alright.. but that will be in my next post. Some stupid dumb stuff.



Ashwin said...

Yo, the place we ate n all was Suntec City right? City Hall is just MRT station.

Allen said...

Yalar..this stella, apalar..either she has lousy sense of direction or she has poor memory

** stella ** said...

lol. i think poor memory sounds better. lol. kenot remember la. bout the same la the place. lol.

26609919 said...

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Wacky said...

Haha..thats not all..please post up Glenn's super close-up leng cai to the max picture!haha..

** stella ** said...

oh ya. wait i post up dat 1 too. he sure heart attack! ahhahaa