Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very happy 2008 to everybody! A brand new year with a brand new you! I bet everyone has got their resolutions all set up and goals that they wanna hit in the year of 2008. Finally, the year of the babi has ended. Not good for the babis, like my friends and i! lol.

Anyways, it was a great closing of year 2007 for me and my friends. Instead of squeezing through thousands and thousands of people smelling their smelly armpits, we had a house party! A house party, no where but in my place, PUNCAK DAMANSARA! lol. and all we spent was RM13.20 per person. *lol*

We had 3 large domino's pizza delivered to our door step. We watched Alvin & the Chipmunks and had a great shopping day! NOT BUYING OUR STUFF! but buying things for the night... we had pasta and we had home made yummy egg sandwich! All freshly done by Midori and I! patutlah sedap! LOL!!!!! BUT IT WAS GOOD OK! X(

Ashwin and i was the "TARGET" for the night. First, it was me going down, then it was Ashwin going down. By the time ash got down, i got sober. SO, i conteng ashwin all over with my pen! lol. and i was later, joined by midori and nee! wahahhaha..

Anyways, i havent got all full loads of pictures.. juz alil. here are the pictures.

With the drunked!

Ashwin's Toes!!!

Ashwin, you're the man! =D


Coutesy of Nee and Midori!

A group picture!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!


ashwin said...

how drunk do I have to be to not remember the group picture? who is the photographer anyway?

-midori- said...

i guess u were THAT drunk ass..
we had an imaginary photographer..

absolutely awesome night that nite..

nn-stop laughing sial

** stella ** said...

wahahhaa...u were more 'off' than i am. thank god i was on the first round. or else, im afraid, i'll b the one on the sofa. lol!!!

that was a nice group foto. with u sleepin :P kaka so cute! kaka

gary said...

lat only remembered the starting and ending... Wat happened in the middle all kantoi... :D

** stella ** said...

lol! shardap. i knew wat happenned k! about the
Weilee:"which liquor do u like?"
Ash: YOU.





something something la.