Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Last friday was my final, oh yes, my FINAL day in Hong Leong Bank Berhad. I'm so glad it is finally over. All the housing loan shites, the car loans shit, the screwed up unit trusts, and insurance shit. Oh yeah, as well as the screwed up credit card. So yeah, screw those shits. I'm out of it.

Me and the work force of Taman putra Ampang. My boss presenting my farewell gift to me.

On my last day, i sent an email out to all PFC's nationwide with a huge goodbye. Got a number of emails full of "whys?". Like DUH! *rolls eyes* I dont know if they are asking coz they're ding dong enough not to realise how dumb and underpaid all PFCs are or asking just for the fun of it! I believe it is the latter, coz they all too complain bout it. isk.
My area!!!!
Anyway, had a pathetic farewell dinner. Me and Shyam wanted Fridays and damn all tak jadi shit. GOT KFC ONLY SIALZ!!!! reason, they dont wanan makan outside the bank coz all kena balik awal. wat the fuck. damn sien one lo they all! damn blardi no life sialz. I've worked there like 10 and half months and not even once i had 'drink' with them outside. That's how 'no life' they are! OMG. THANK GOD I'M OUT OR I'LL BE LIKE ONE OF THEM! gosh. crazy.

but inspite of all those, they are pretty nice colleagues tho. lol. unlike my former place that's full of political and back stabbing shites. But I just cant deny the fact of being at the state of 'no life'. Other then dat, it's all fine.

Had KFC and lepak-ed in office til like 8+. Chatted here and there. Said good bye to all of em. which i know one of them leaving them too very very soon. lol. die la hong leong bank. ngak! i dont care.

Tak sempat take photo with ah soh.. the lady who cleans our office every morning. Very nice lady which sayangs me alot too. =D She asked me to stay.. but.. i had to go also.. too much of problems to actually stay in hong leong unless if i want my career to be stuck there which i definitely dont want to.
Me and my happenning boss!
Me and Yoke Kheng the ABMMe and my lunch partner, Pei Wen!Me and Ros posing gambar maut! according to her. *lol*Me and Huey Yeng posing with tangan minyak KFC.Me and Mary posing gambar manja, as according to her too.This entah posing aper with Kak Nor.
This one pulak posing ngan pak guard razali!
Other then day, the day went pretty normal. As the usual. :) And today, I am officially a full-timer with Walton International Group. Not too bad for a monday start. I had appointment today. Gonna have another with a chartered accountant firm's director tomorrow and another with an ex HLG securities general manager.

Hope it all goes smooth and get the $ coming in while I get people to make more $! This is how it all works. A win-win situation. I make money and the investors double up their money! :) It's all 'bout the money, money, money ... =D

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