Sunday, July 29, 2007

B.A.N.G-C.O.C.K !!!

I can't wait for the rest of the photos la.. damn slow la processing from daryl kekekekeke :p
I only have 2 in my PC that I've gotten from Pig, so i post them up first la! :D

top, left to right : Ashwin, me, Wei Lee, Midori, Punitha, Audrey
down, left to right : Chek, Glenn, Allen, Daryl, Hairos(Rosie)
Photographer : Siewharong

Suvarnabhumi Airport taken on the 07/07/07! :) We excitedly just arrived in Bangkok International Airport. Baru arrive oredi took tons of photo. Seriously! lol. till got scolding from the liquor shop, kenot take foto, kenot take foto!

Back, left to right : Glenn, Allen, Siewharong, Audrey
Front, left to right : Punitha, Wei Lee and Me!
This was taken in an LRT in some station which I will never remember their names.. hehe. mind me, i am not Thai, though my skin colors regonizes me as one. heh. Daryl and Rosie are more of a Thai than I am. heh!
Anyway, that's all folks! I only have 2! until they gimme the rest!
Chaoz.. tmr another working day! wish me luck in the convention centre yo! :D


thelinkinparkster said...

can I grab these 2 from u first, as I am damn desperate for the photos as well....



** stella ** said...

lol. do u need permission to do that? lol!

eh aud! u changed number izit? i hantar msg to ur number den not sent. eik!

irodim said...


aduh.. kesian no pics..

I only have the ones from my cam. Daryl's still waiting for Rozy to pass him the vids, only then he'll burn the DVD.

So till then..


WHen u coming back to Malacca Lat?

** stella ** said...

sorry man. i oso not sure. now this weekend oso i not going abck. last minute juz now only i know from meeting this weekend gotp resentation lagi. so yeah not giong back again.

** stella ** said...

i miss melakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

boo hoo hoo :(