Friday, August 17, 2007


Finally finally!! the pics are with me!!!!!

Lol! Me with my stuff from chatuchak! :p Okay, I shall shardap about myself. Below are the pics of us in Bangkok!

Us in Suvarnabhumi Airport on the 7th July 2007. Baru sampai Bangkok International Airport.

Our first makan shop the moment we reached Bangkok and checked in. Had some weird nasi goreng.. some green curry fried rice which cost quite abit. and not nice. heh!

Us waiting for GOH WEI LEE to find her way out from the Platinum shopping mall. Penat we tunggu. First, the guys were late by i think half an hour.. next gohweilee sesat kenot find her way out. pengsan.

Our first breakfast in Baiyoke 1 Hotel before going to Chatuchak!
Finally, a group pic of 12 heads instead of most of 11 heads only. All muka penat cam sialz after chatuchak! Let me intro: Girl in Pink:Midori, Daryl, Chek, Hairos, Ashwin, Glenn; next row.. punitha (in white)... front row.. allen, me, weilee, siewharong and audrey!
I duno. I like this pic. i think taken by Mid's canggih pic. Me n' Audrey! :D

Us at the Royalbarges National Museum. Got conned. wanna board on the place oso must pay.. den wan masuk must pay. stupid flers.

Us in Grand Palace.. very beautiful place.
Us ,... posing in front of the reclining buddha.

us in one of the stops..
The tuk tuk ride!!! hahahaa.. this one really drama.. stop tengah tengah traffic light.. mid's tuk tuk driver came down n run over the other side jzu to take us the foto! wahahahaha drama gila gila kao kao!

Again, I've got no words to describe this! wahahaha...

Us in Central World. We lost Siewharong, Pig and Midz.

Waiting to check in to leave bangkok and to come back to Malaysia on the 10 July 2007.

There we left bangkok. :( end of holiday. Next is Bali!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! hahaha...
That's all folks! chaoz!

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