Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bangkok, 2nd edition!

Baru sampai bangkok! dah gila.
All muka semacam coz penat nak mampus. lol. Hairos and his ball. kakakaaa

Samurai Pork Burger in McD where we one bunch masuk and ordered like i think 8 pork burger. lol! Coz malaysia tarak! lol!
It was supposed to be Tat, Midz, me and siewharong.. but duno where that mat salleh girl came from. we saw the pic.. we were laughing till rolling on d floor!


Our makan-makan place again! This time 10 heads. Camera person is Punitha! Hairos went to look for halal food. lol!

Goodbye Bangkok! =(

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