Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Welcome to Taiwan


wahahaha.. i apologize x infinity for not updating, for not typing, for not blogging, for not putting words on my blog! heh. No time la.. Walton is taking most of my private life. lol. work work work la.. wat to do. boh lui sudah. work like gila. kenot blame me rite.. u guys must support me k? and my burfdae.. YAWL SHUD HAVE CALLED! NOT LETAK COMMENT!! :( *sob sob*

Anyways, happy birthday to me! *heh*

Welll.. i just got back from Taiwan yesterday.. went off on the 28 of November on a 2pm flight.. a 4 hours and 15minutes flight... on China Airlines.. with straight chairs.. nearly killed my back. Landed at Taipei at their local time which is the same as ours at juz a lil pass 6pm.. and it's as dark as 8pm. It starts to get dark at 5pm over in Taiwan and about 6.30am.. sunrise terang terang already.

The whole Taiwan journey was a freaking tiring one. Daily travelling in the bus is minimum 3 hours.. 1 day in hua lian, 1 day in kaohsiong, 1 day in tai chung, 1 day in tai thong, 1 day in taipei.. 3 hours train ride.. wah lao.. teruk.. my back nearly broke into 2 man. geez. It's like.. you from other country.. come to visit Malaysia.. for 1 week.. 1st day in JB,2nd day travel to Mlk, 3rd day leave for KL, 4th to Ipoh, 5th to Penang, 6th fly back to your home country. Tired boh? siao eh.

I'd rather go for a free and easy trip.. but as usual my dad.. tak nak. balik balik nak jugak tour. but at least this time the "tau yew" or tour guide.. kaka.. was better than the HK time.. No conning and conman business now. KERIS HOLIDAYS... at least they are trustworthy. The earlier one to HK was CONCEPT HOLIDAYS.. DO NOT GO FOR THEIR TOURS UNLESS YOU WANNA GET CONNED! we were conned for about a total of close to RM300 per person on the trip.. minimum. buta buta..

Below are some of the pictures taken over in Taiwan.

Ding Dong the bell for 3 times for good fortune...
The olden days pump...

I know this gambar poyo bit.. but i like! :P shadows of 2 sisters.

Coffee House at the bottom of the Mountain
Museum of Biology and Marine Aquarium

At the mountains
Coffee House

Me and a black pepper taiwanese sausage.

CHESTNUT wei!! kakaka.. damn cute kan? macam lil' devil!

that is how clear the stream water was... can see the batu kat bawah..

A mother and daughter that we saw at the SPA in Taichong which again we met in other 4 states of Taiwan.. really ada jodoh with them.. kaka..
Forever Pawnshop! wahhaha.. when i saw this board.. it reminded me of my lowyat forum frenz.. hahahaha.. pawnshop. geez.
Family pic at the Martyrs Shrine; Me, Meh Meh, Nyenya, Angela, Dad
Ferris Wheel

I know u can't see me.. but i stil wanna put this up.

Clear water from the mountain.. can cuci muka all k. damn refreshing.

The water flowing from the mountain.

Mountain again.

Me and my adik. haha.

This happens when u put 2 cam whorer together.


The Ah Mi cultural show. haha..

Tau fu far with pearls! kaka

The kepala ombak.. duno wat the hell they call this place.. some cina name again as usual,. kakaka..

Tauhu busuk.. which is quite busuk.. dont really fancy this thing. kaka.

Me, sis and dad at Xi Men Ting
Me in Xi Men Ting
Left Taiwan on a 8.20am flight.. with morning call at 4.30am.. leaving the hotel at 5.30am.. for TaoYuan Airport. that was killing. we slept at 2+.
Anyways.. that's all from Taiwan! :)
Chao chao.. tengok la.. bila i can Blog again.. damn busy man.. will be working throughout this weekend too.
Tata everybodi!


yuensern said...

why all ur gambar wan?
takde gambar scenery ke?

** stella ** said...

got la... but boring la.. hahah my muka more interesting. kakakakakakaa...

got la damn lot sceneries la.

kan i said.. i went to taiwan.. practically.. see fountains, bukit and Buddha... how cud i possibly dont have scenic pics... malaz to upload jer...