Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chapters of Life

How many chapters do you have in your life? I have several.

It started when I was born, my first chapter of life. And, as I grew, my next chapter, chapter 2 was seeing my parents fight often. And, as I grew further, I found that I was gonna loose my mum. And, my next chapter-chapter 3 came in where I had to live a life without a mum, but thankfully, with 2 aunts and then, with a sis. I made wonderful friends in this chapter. I met Raelynne and Lai Ching which are trully my friends till now. =) of course some other as well but just not as close. The chapter came to chapter 4, which I had to go to high school.

Interestingly, I was a tomboy then. I DO NOT wear skirts. but now, I almost do not wear pants. :| Well, chapter 5 was rather interesting... where Sin Choy, which some of you people would have known about came into the picture. Yeah.. I was a lil' 'crazy' over him. lol. But, think bout it now, it was rather funny and yeah.. BRAVE. and damn tak malu. lol.

It was during Form 3, which Raelynne and I started cycling to this 'moo-moo-cybercafe'. It was painted in yellow with black spots k. That's when i started being involved in the 'cyber-world' and yes, till now. :| But, the cyberworld was a good thing. =) That was how I met some good friends that I'll keep them for the rest of my life. That's where I met Midori & Daryl which brought me Allen, Glenn, Ashwin and Chek. Which, brought me Gary, Siewharong and Audrey. Which I knew before but not close to. And, I am glad they did.

High school ended in a blast. And, I proceeded to Chapter 6-MMU. Was stuck in Group 57 with nobody I know. Sucky beginning but wonderful endings. :) That's when we formed the 'english-speaking-group'. Namely, me, Wei Lee, Punitha, Amelia and Mien. We were so noisy that we get scolding everywhere we go. With our trademark of "OH MY GOD" and with a tone. Which we do almost simultaneously. Then, I met Danny and Jet which are now part of my life. Dan to be labeled as my ex-husband as a present from Wei Lee. Uni was good and fun but I didn't played enough. But let's say, I proceeded to the next chapter, working life.

Chapter 7 - my first job, paid me a basic of RM1K, in sales. Hated the job+boss, loved the colleagues. Thus, stayed for 8 months. lol. At this moment, I met Sook Theng, Azryl and Shan. Which are the nicest people in the office. Well, at least for me. I wouldnt have known Theng, if I weren't roomies with her during the team building. =) And, I'm glad both me and her were left stranded without roomies, which made us roomies. lol.

I quit KGC and joined KMDC. The company 'used' to have a future till some smart ass ruined it. It was honestly one of the better training companies with huge tie ups and good reputation but someone juz had to ruin it. THat someone was Andrina Yeo - MY fucking lady boss. Thank God it ended and now, she's either quit or sacked by the company. I proceeded to Hong Leong Bank for the same pay :| WONDERFUL platform to learn. Seriously, I learned fucking lots of things and juggled fucking lotsa tasks. Tough one, but learned alot. But didnt like it. But, my boss, Rosaline Law, she's one awesome boss. :) Whole branch, we were in the same boat - the 'banana' boat. I quit the bank after almost a year and joined Walton International Group.

Chapter 8 - My current chapter in life has been very challenging especially, emotionally. I've faced lotsa ups and downs, lots of excitement and lots of tears as well. The joy of closing a deal is unexplainable. But, the downfall that you feel whenever a BIG deal is cancelled is unbearable. I once lost a deal that costs me RM18K and it took me 2 months to get up and move again. I lost my sanity, I lost my focus and what was worst, I lost faith in myself. I didn't wanna step up and do again coz I was afraid that I'll face that again. It was tough. It was really a fight within myself. None of the jobs have I ever done that made me went through this. But in this chapter, I've met people like Regan-my housemate now, Vince, Tsin Ai, Calvin, Michael and Leong. Here in Walton, it was emotion, it was financial and it was physical strength. It is endurance and believing in yourself. I'm pulling through.

Of course there is love life in between the chapters but was not mentioned. Coz, none was important enough to have a chapter by itself. It was Yong Wei, Benny, Ganesh and some flings. None was worthy to speak on. Benny did left footprints but Ganesh left scars. Yong Wei Left shites which I don't wanna remember. And I'm flowing the stream and going with the flow now. I'm attached to Walton now. :|

And I officially did my first facial today. lol. Believe it or not, believe it!My first. :p and Damn it was fucking nice. My face was redddddddd due to the picit picit of black and white heads. :| But, it was all fun and relaxing.

Weekend has been a routine for me. Either I work or I'm out with my friends or back in Melaka. Sometimes I wonder if I can do better with my weekends. Gee. And I wonder, when Chapter 8 ends, will it end with a wonderful beginning of Chapter 9 or otherwise.

I have 8 chapters so far. And hoping to have more wonderful chapters. How many do u have?


Gary said...

1st facial.....

so now jadi cantik d la...? :D

** stella ** said...

bodo mia gary. lol.

1 time can change? den facial salons all tutup kedai wei X(

dum dum gary, very the dingdong. :|

Allen said...

aiyo, this bickering couple...

** stella ** said...

bickering couple kepala otak u lol.

isk. :|

dum dum. i wrote ur name k! BE PROUD! :D


ex-konco kgc said...


** stella ** said...

theng theng!!


irodim said...

*picit lat*

bickering couple alright..



** stella ** said...

another bickering couple :|

banyak complain la yawl. :|

coming backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!