Saturday, June 07, 2008

I've got A Mobile TV!!!

I HAVE GOTTEN MYSELF A NEW HANDPHONE AFTER 5 YEARS PLUS! but.. my nokia 61o0 is still in good shape though. i mean.. it can still function. lol. But, i really do think it's time to change. especially being in my line of job. lol. phone ring.. take out telepon capalang. lol!!!

Went to Menara PGRM yday for HP fair, kononnya got 70% off from hp price.. cheh. tipu. lol. Anyways... i didn't get any nokia, or motorola, sony ericsson or not even LG or philips... I instead bought.... ETOUCH! lol. It's a brand under samsung. A korean brand :)

Pretty cool though for RM699. It's the T1 model. It hasssss...

  • mp3/mp4
  • dual speaker
  • touch screen
  • 1.3mega pixel cam
  • and it has a TV!!!! lol...
lol! Now.. i dont need to get a tv,,, but instead.. watch on my mini HP! lol... below are the posts..

Now.. i have.. a white Car, a white Laptop and now a white Handphone too!!


i damn excited lo. lol!

ok.. tmr balik mlk. bye bye everybody!


aLittleMisfit said...

medic equipment! :w

** stella ** said...


wat medic equipment?