Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kampung Kemensah @ 101009

A gathering with the Couch surfers!

I spend the whole of Saturday and part of Sunday being super duper close to nature last week. LITERALLY.

I slept on a mat on the grass, looking up the clear blue sky and half moon. Was hoping to be gazing at stars.. but none :/ *sienness*

Well, I kept awake the whole night.. chatting up with CS robin, sk, and adida. and rise up from the mat at 730am going for a walk in the jungle. got back to our hideout, we noticed cows ransacking our dustbins. they really eat every single thing wei! but the cows the from the back, look like horse siak! damn kao thin!

Then.. came the cats and roosters.. kao banyak animal the next morning. i wonder why man.

Night before.. we played so games.. with the penalty of finishing up the fishes and also drinking air sungai! wah lao wei, i had to eat like 5 fishes and 1 and half cup of air sungai! *disgusting!*


anyways... here are the pictures that i pulled from elena, robin and daima. =)

where i was suppose to sleep but end up lying on the mat on the grass. :p

the game with the penalty fishes in the middle. :/ fadzil makan the fishes sampai takut.. and drank like 12-13 cups of air sungai. betul betul takda nasib la dat day. lol

our junks.

look at all how the hungry cs-ers aiming for the food!

camera came.. all pose. lol.!!!

that's me! the chef of the night! well.. me n sol la. :)

me, hard at work :p

crazy ass people with the tons of alcohol!

our lil' buddha. :p

and finally, our couchsurfing nation flag :p

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dreamydolls said...

OMG... this is like so fun..l when's next.....