Monday, December 07, 2009

My 26th Birthday!

I turned 26 four days ago. And, I had a really good one this year. =) *all smileys*

I was in Melaka over last weekend... and on the Monday when I was about to leave.. my sister dragged me to the kitchen and suprised me with a birthday cake! :) My first birthday cake after 4 years of no cakes. lol. photos later :D

And back in KL.... I had my hair cut short to above shoulder length.. finally after 10 years of having long hair. took LOTSA courage ya know. :) but i'm lovin' it right now! And, I love my stylist too! Jimmy from Monsoon-id tropicana city... :)

my super new hair cut :) lovin' it!


On my birthday which is the 2nd of december, my sayang made me the princess of the day. :D

We had Sakae sushi for lunch as Cave was close for lunch starting from who knows when.. lol. that ruined my sayang's suprise lunch :p Sayang had to swallow Jap food even though he hates it :p

And sayang statement to me on the 2nd december was, "you can buy whatever you want" teeheehee. but i not so bad la :p He already got me a blackberry! eventhough i have been bugging him for it :p

Thank u yang!*huggies*

my pressie *yippy yay*

busy opening my present....

my super new blackberry! :D <3!>


And for dinner, he brought me to Michaelangelo @ Pavillion :) first time there... freakin good food esp the wild mushroom soup. to die for!

just before dinner :)

the to-die-for-wild-mushroom-creme!

his bruchetta

his super mahal US Tenderloin steak.

my seafood risotto :) yummilicious!

Pavillion X'mas decoration!


And on the 3rd of december... my yang arranged for me a suprise birthday party that he have planned for the past 1 and half month! :) It was held in this place called Sanuk @ Kg Penchala.. very secluded up the hill but a very very nice place i must say... not many people know of this place :) and yes vince, i obviously stole ur photos. hehe. *credit to vince for the beautifully taken photos!*

wishing the same old thing that i have been wishing for as long as I have ever started wishing on birthday cake and shinning stars :)

before I blew out the candle... i calculated the candle to ensure it was 26 and not more . :p not like wei lee's! haha

something that I had in Sanuk... lamb shank.. and it was pretty good.

Thank you yang for everything.

Love u! ~~xoxo~~

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Anonymous said...

splendid birthday celeb!

SANUK? u have to bring me there some day. Im keen on going. :P