Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Ol' Times

I was looking through my thousands of photos on Facebook at 1.30am on a Monday night. Looking at people i've met, people that i have hung out with, people that i've done things with and go places with... i really miss my old times.

In my course of life, i've met all sorts of people and ive done all sorts of things.. i have my crazy bunch of friends which lepaks and sees my face almost 7 days a week. :) the same crazy bunch that don't mind going to nirwanas everyday too. lol. and also the people that i met during the december 5 season. lol.

and i have my crazy bunch that originated from melaka.... i miss the times where we hungout in a huge big group with the now father-to-be and the singaporean with us all normal malaccans. hehe. it's been a long long time since we last had that kinda session and im really missing it. :)

I really love this picture. <3

And as I look further... i miss my friends from university too! i miss having 5 of us hanging out in cahaya dinar drinking 30glasses of drinks! or just a sleep over in amelia's with me revealing some secrets. :) good ol' times.

And along the years.. i met people all over from #chatfriends #hungheng all those channels that became my friends... i met christopher who runs a successful yong tau foo shop and now's the personal photographer of our melaka Chief Minister. :D

and i got bored one day in the office.. and was lingering on forum.lowyat.net and realised there isn't any Malaccan thread.. and i started one! and bam! God blessed me with a group of crazy bunch friends too. :) i love u guys too, ya know my rakyat :)

And then i joined walton and i've also crossed path with some good souls that i'll never forget times that we had, songs that we sang and the mic that i wouldn't let go. some that i'm still so close to till today and one that's even my housemate. :)

I got hooked to couchsurfing for awhile thanx to Nicolekiss. i got to know the people and its unbelievable the experience u get. nothing of the usual. Places the cs-ers go, the things they do.. i've never known there was a waterfall/bbq area at the back of melawati hills for a fact that i was living there for 2 years! not to mention a friend who was born n breed there also don't know!

From CS, i met Zain. He inspires me, really. :) and because of Zain, i got involved with flashmobs and am loving it. I met great people during flashmobs, did great and crazy stuff i've never done. I decorated the monorail and seeing priceless facial expression of the people :) and best of it all to appear on front page of The Star. :) I loved the stomping that we done.. i miss the rehearsals that we had and the fun that i used to have eventhough most of the time i do it alone. :) becoz i meet great people there.

And also some of the important people in my life that have been there for me whatever it takes or wherever it was... things we have done, places we have gone, pictures we have taken.... i miss them all. :)

And i also miss the 4-hour-long conversation i had with my sis for the first time over the telephone. Knowing whats on her mind and her knowing wats on mine... is priceless. i miss the times we hangout together too, especially when she was still a kid. :)

If i could repeat my whole process again, i wouldnt change a thing. because these people have brought joy to my life making my life interesting, making me feel important and activities and things that we do... no money can buy them. :)

i love all of u guys.... <3


misfit said...

true or not? dun bluff us!


stella said...

kns. dont blif sudah!

J said...

nice pics.. which i have not seen in a long while :)

stella said...

whos J? jco ka?

J said...

who is jco?

stella said...

if not then who?