Saturday, September 08, 2007


I got a call from Michael this evening that his aunt is launching this Neubo series of exclusive crafted , diamond watches. And, I really meant EXCLUSIVE! We're not talking about a watch that's like RM5K, RM10K or 50K, we're talking about watches that cost nothing below RM100K. The diamonds are HUGE, or at least, I think they're huge! Models in bikini and swimming trunks were promoting the watch..

And people attending this damn blardi high-network event are like Arianna Teoh, Alex Yoong, and some i duno their names, and according to Regan, the 'deal-or-no-deal' guy.. which i dont know who.

I felt damn... tak betul man.. being among these super rich people.. it's like i'm not at their level yet.. feels damn tak bagus man. And, shite, i cant wait to be at there too. argh!

Ok, i think i shall shut up. :D

Change topic...

Last weekend.. me and my MT citizens went for makan makan and minum minum.
We had ikan bakar at crystal bay for dinner. And on the way into the area, we saw this huge signboard.... which of coz.. one of us stopped and took a picture!
Not bad.. lembu nowadays tahu baca already. :)

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