Sunday, September 02, 2007

Taman Buaya!

I had breakfast with my family at McD taman buaya today. Just moments after we had our breakfast, we sat and talk.. looking at the kids going into Taman Buaya.

Angela : I never been to taman buaya before. Che, you go before ah?
Stella : Of course la! I went to a normal primary school. Yours not normal, never bring yawl to taman buaya before. heh.
Angela : *sweat*
After a long pause...

Angela : Che, want go taman buaya ah?
Stella : Uh??? ask Meh la.. wan go.. den go lo.. since u nv go before. *lol*

So, we decided to stop by taman buaya before heading home. Then this conversation striked between my aunt n my sis.

Angela : Meh ah...
Aunt : ya?
Angela : Taman Buaya got crocodile one ah?
Aunt : @(#!@*#@ #@&#!&#^*@!(

As usual, my sis kena kutuk from me the whole day. I told her.. it's like.. Girl ah... McD got burgers one ah? *hehe*

End of post.

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