Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!

I know. This is so outdated! *lol* But this is a post-CNY post. :D

CNY was ok-ok only this year, minus the party-ing & daily yam char part. Other than dat, i dont really feel a CNY feeling. Nothing much, relative's not visiting anymore, people stop going to each other houses. I only feel it within my mum's family.. my dad's family? basically like all relatives are dead. We dont visit one another and I also dont understand why. aih.. watever.

Anyways.. some pictures taken with my poyo cousins on CNY 2nd day. =)

Piggy Face : From L-R : Ivan, Becky, Me, Michelle and Angela

Angela, Me , Ah Yee and Becky

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