Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008! *Friends Edition*

As usual, we have the CNY with family, then we have the CNY with friends. Which sometimes, simply means, excuse to drink. I dont mean, soya bean and chrysanthemum Tea, i mean Alcoholic drinks. *lol* But, it all means good :D except for Ashwin though.

We had our visiting day on the 3rd day of CNY... one of the pictures below...

Then.. the same night.. we went to Audrey's place for dinner.. had open house in her place..

THENNN.. later that night we have our drinking session in my dad's tuition centre where ashwin puked everywhere, moan like a cow, revealed some dark secrets and broke my toilet door. X(

Satay Celup in Siewharong's house. :) CNY2nd day.
L-R(Up):tan yen ling(if thats how u spell it), glenn, daryl, gary
L-R(bottom): Choo, Midz, Me, Allen, Ash, Ah Tut

L-R(top) Ash, Siew Lin, Glenn, Chek, Robin
L-R(bott): Audrey, SIewharong, Me, Midz, Allen, Jason

Audrey's mansion
L-R(Top): Agnes, Allen, Yen Mao, Ash
L-R(Bott): Choo, Glenn, Chek, Me, Gary, Siewharong, Midz, Daryl

My dad's Tuition Place where we had our small alcoholic party
L-R:me, andy, allen, audrey, ashwin, siewharong, glenn, gary, yen mao, midori

2 alcoholic flers : Gary & Allen
Allen & Ashwin (sudah gone case)

Me, Siewharong, Allen n Midz

Andy's specialty.. lol i was too drunk to swallow a shot :(

Me, Gary, and siewharong

A prove of Ashwin's drunkness... gone..

End of post. Cheerios! =)

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