Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Election! Election! Election!

Looks like the election fever is really at its peak now. With such strong opposition parties moving on now, im not sure if the phrase of "BN will win anyways" still work. But, anyways, let's see what happens after the 8th of March. Even I am afraid of the stock and share market. Aih... i wonder how much is it gonna affect me.

Anyways, I was on www.kennysia.com earlier... and yeah he wrote about election... and he has this autogenerator shite... lol... was funny, so juz tried for fun la. lol. It's a generator to see if you should vote for BN or the opposition. lol. And, yeah, well, this is my result. even though, im not a registered voter. I know, i know. useless malaysian like me. =|

According to the 100% accurate kennysia.com Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?



Allen said...

Although opposition parties are moving strong now, BN will most likely win the election anyway because:

1. A lot of opposition supporters are young adults like me who feels strongly about these issues but did not register in time to be a voter...aihh dumb nya..regret.

2. Then there are ppl who simply don't care or dont bother about election and politics and how it affects your future in Malaysia...there are the stupidest thing.

3. Then there are ppl who are completely ignorant and duno anything at all about what's happening in the world out there..sad case..

So due to the "Silent Majority", i guess BN will still win this time..just hope that more seats will be won by Barisan Alternatif! (DAP,PKR,PAS).



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